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  1. I was thinking just informing that a mass email has been sent out just telling people to check their emails out. Not mentioning any specifics.
  2. Blue is the best.... WELCOME TO THE FORUM! FOR BLUE!
  3. This depends on Gopher planning a Patron Stream well in advance. I will contact one of the Administrators whether we could announce a Patron Stream mass email being sent out.
  4. You can donate through there, but he has stated before that if someone would like to donate because of the work he's done on mods it's best to go through nexus. While if you wish to support Gopher and his video creation either support through Patreon or just to continue watching his content as that is showing your support as well.
  5. As you see that Shiroi posted. If you wish to support Gopher visit his Patreon page and become a Patron. And if you just wish to send a single donation you are able to cancel once payment has been charged.
  6. The Minions are to return after a long break from Planetside 2. To return to the planet Auraxis, and wreak havoc in the name of our High Overlord Gopher. Once again we shall descend onto the Emerald Server. Terran Republic logos on our sleeves, dealing out punishment to those Conglomerate scum, and those Vanu Technogeeks. Server: Miller Faction: Terran Republic TS: gophersminions.noip.us
  7. Thank you all for attending the event. I could see that people were having alot of fun playing Chivalry.
  8. I'm gonna Stream Banner Saga either on New Years Day or during the weekend either Saturday or Sunday around 6PM or 7PM CET depending whether people have to leave to eat dinner.
  9. Now that I own a good enough computer to Stream with. I have been wanting to stream the Minions events for a while and now that is possible. So including the Minion's events that I will stream for any who would like to watch. I will also start streaming some games as well. If you are interested in joining in here is the link to my channel http://www.twitch.tv/scaliernebula My current possible choices are: The Banner Saga Deponia: The Complete Journey Magicka Metro 2033 Plauge Inc. Evolved Sleeping Dogs: The Definitive Edition Valkyria Chronicles Dawn Of War II
  10. For this week's event before the New Year. We shall fight in force with the use of tactics, teamwork, and formations within Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. No man or woman shall charge out and swing wildly in a frenzy. Nor shall they be inclined to never block. This is no free for all. We do not fight one on one. We group up on enemies and slay them. We need not this futile idea that is Chivalry! Are you with me my fellow Minions!
  11. A very calming song at least to me.
  12. Unfortunately I work all day Friday. But you can ask many of the Minions to play a game that day.
  13. Thanks for attending and having a great time everyone. I had alot of fun.
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