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  1. PCat! The streams have been less cheerful without you...
  2. Yeah, these earthquakes, less of that, please. 

  3. Shame to see the forums so quiet 😕 (he says, not having visited in months)

  4. Been a While since I last dropped by. It's just that there's not much going on here xD 

  5. Been a Looong time since I last visited. No dark theme ? :( 

    1. enigma21000


      A long time for me as well.i know no Dark Theme.

    2. anithaaaaa
    3. Silverthorn1111


      Hellooooo ! :D
      If you use firefox you can use the Dark Night Mode extension to make the forum dark, works really well :)

  6. Ooh, happy birth!

    Ajde bok.

    1. Apocalypso


      Sorry, haven't been around lately.

      Thanks :D

  7. But.. maybe he just hasn't tried the good peanuts yet ? I should send him a pack in his PO box xD
  8. Awesome pic, bit too soon - check Youtube!
  9. Guessing the engine was conflicting 2 scripts/states that both got activated at roughly the same time- the chef saw Ted and went aggro (which explains his wierd face) and probably at around the same time, you activated a nother script/state by talking to the chef and talking him into giving you the recipe. After the dialogue ended, the game didn't know what to do with the two states and just went with both running at the same time, which is why the Chef attacked you after the dialogue ended and why you were able to call the waiter, who then served the meal and then got to talk to Mortimer.... The simple act of having activated 2 scripts/states kind of avalanched through the rest of the quest and fluffed it up. Ps. such a shame that this was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  10. He was testing it. Wanted to be sure it does what the description told him it does. I was expecting him to do that xD
  11. But what amazes me is that, although he does occasionaly notice that he's low-ish on health and even comments on the amount of dmg he'taking while in combat, he does not seem to notice the suit condition bar even though it's directly below the health bar. I mean, it's almost impossible not to see it when you're checking your health. It's still well within the visibility bubble. Oh well. It's Gopher
  12. Never been this hyped for something as I am for the next episode(s). Have to restrain myself, not to spoil anything
  13. They'll probably be paid once, and then receive a cut out of every sale. But the comments... JFC. I mean, is it possible that so few people even bother to watch the whole video and try to understand it ?
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