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  1. He was testing it. Wanted to be sure it does what the description told him it does. I was expecting him to do that xD
  2. But what amazes me is that, although he does occasionaly notice that he's low-ish on health and even comments on the amount of dmg he'taking while in combat, he does not seem to notice the suit condition bar even though it's directly below the health bar. I mean, it's almost impossible not to see it when you're checking your health. It's still well within the visibility bubble. Oh well. It's Gopher
  3. This really angered me...
  4. Bad: Laptop hinge broke - been on repair for a week now.

    Good: Once it arrives, I'll have almost 2 weeks of Gopher to watch :D 

  5. Fallen in love with Westworld's theme. I always tend to discover stuff late :/ 

  6. Never been this hyped for something as I am for the next episode(s). Have to restrain myself, not to spoil anything
  7. They'll probably be paid once, and then receive a cut out of every sale. But the comments... JFC. I mean, is it possible that so few people even bother to watch the whole video and try to understand it ?
  8. Watched Wonder woman yeasterday - 7-7.5/10. Bit disappointed.

    1. Merp17


      Haven't seen it, but are you going to see Dunkirk?

    2. Apocalypso



      Only seen the trailer right before watching Wonder woman. Looked interesting. Why ?

    3. Merp17


      Just wondering, looks like a good movie. I plan to see it

  9. Was looking forward to Age of Empires I: Definite edition beta... "To sign up, you need an Xbox Live account..." Goddammit.

  10. First it was 1 statue... Now there's 8 ? That escalated quickly
  11. Best Fallout workshop episode yet Loved his chuckle at the end... right before the THING happened :/ (yeah, it crashed, he'd said so in the comments)
  12. The capital of Ireland is the world's fastest growing city. It's Dublin every year.

    1. Badges


      I'd throw peanuts at you if I had any  :P

    2. Apocalypso


      Sorry :D
      Cracked me up the other day :) 

  13. Brilliant Let's play, Gopher, really enjoyed it And looking forward to anything you play next
  14. Had a dream today, so wild, complex and unbelievable, that I'm not even 100% sure yeasterday's events were real - I keep thinking they were part of the dream. 

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    2. Cryzeteur


      That is a better dream then I can ever remember having. Sounds like you fell into the Fairy Realm... or down the Rabbithole.

      Only dream I ever had like that, I was part of a secret group on Mars...

    3. Cryzeteur


      Oh... and I had a parakeet that thought it was a cat and a cat that thought it was human...oh well...

    4. Apocalypso


      "parakeet that thought it was a cat and a cat that thought it was human" LOL