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  1. Nice to meet you too FayeLiyah =)
  2. <(o-o<) (>o-o)>

    Your profile is now being stalked by the dancing ghost smiley.

  3. Thats me! Im one of those people! It was pretty awesome, only ever played single player before but today was pretty great!
  4. Shadowlyn, a follow up question... ... can we RIDE the giant burning bunny? And [uSER=148]@Sicarius001[/uSER] , good job indeed. Many people make that mistake, but Potential Meatfleshbits Is actually my father. I'm Potential Meatfleshbits Jr.
  5. Glad to have the job Louise! I'll admit, i was nervous about this interview, but I'd have to say it all turned out well! Do we get any benefits or overtime pay? ;P Morrandir, We taste like maple syrup and poutine, delicious indeed! Thank you for the welcome everyone =)
  6. Here we are again, following the wild KazumaKat. A ferocious breed, it is best known for it's rather *ghostly* nature.
  7. My name is UmberSkies, both here and on Twitch, and on steam as well! I'm a 21 year old gamer from Canada, and I've been following Gopher since he first started modding. I've been watching his steady rise to p̶o̶w̶e̶r̶ fame with quite a bit of enthusiasm. I was also one of the first subs on Twitch, but due to money troubles had to allow my subscription to lapse for a couple months q.q I'm also one of the regulars on the minions TeamSpeak server, so if you ever want to say hello just jump in! We are a pretty friendly crowd, and we will do our best to keep our resident Wolfe and Dragon from biting too much
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