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  1. Does anyone know what Gophers previous Graphics card was? I know he has a 3090 now but what was he running on his gaming rig before that?
  2. if anyone would be interested in recreating an image for a pirate flag message me here, twitter, or email at [email protected] image
  3. Is there away to disable updates from breaking skse everytime they push an update through steam for SE version? Courious if any one has input on how to stop or delay SE updates until skse has made a patch?
  4. You have to type @gopherbot in the welcome thread then it mskes you a minion. Thanks to @Quarico i got it done
  5. I know im late to the party but how do i get permissions after joining discord? Account: Shadowlyn Was not sure where to put this..
  6. Boycotting only works if the company knows you are boycotting. Having a pettition or a roll call of sorts saying you are boycotting for these reasons and having it visible and sent to the target of the boycott is the only way they will notice. Boycotting takes an organized action to make it work. IMO pirating is wrong period. I still purchase the music i listen to via mp3 verse using a streaming service. The creator and artist deserve to be paid for thier work. And when i can i support those that entertain me. Ill be honest i did not watch the video and dont have an interest to. However the comments i read i felt needed to be addressed.
  7. Actually its one motherboard and cpu running as 3 seperate computers and sad thing is 1/3 of that is 10x better than my current computer.
  8. New Expansion Mod in Development that looks interesting
  9. Two gaming computers and a server in one tower with one mother board and CPU.
  10. What you may call "Road Rage" I call Aggressively maneuvering around idiots that don't know how to drive. Brings back the old question, do they still put drivers licenses in Cracker Jacks?
  11. Well i totally get it. We are so close in age im the exact same way when it comes to that.
  12. I like joing in random games but not liking other joining mine. I play as im there for support while others that have joined mine always barrel ahead and take all the loot. Would be nice to play with someone who is like minded but just cant commit to a steady set time. Would be nice though.
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