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  1. Insanity

    What you may call "Road Rage" I call Aggressively maneuvering around idiots that don't know how to drive. Brings back the old question, do they still put drivers licenses in Cracker Jacks?
  2. A Wild Tobori Appears

    No clubbing just eating.
  3. Well i totally get it. We are so close in age im the exact same way when it comes to that.
  4. Anyone up for some Borderlands 2?

    I like joing in random games but not liking other joining mine. I play as im there for support while others that have joined mine always barrel ahead and take all the loot. Would be nice to play with someone who is like minded but just cant commit to a steady set time. Would be nice though.
  5. Key differences @Sebngarde and @Sup3rNo7a is that with Magic and Pokemon systems you are getting a physical Item. In some cases the cards can become collector items and have a value. With these virtual loot boxes its virtual which is the inherent problem. It cost the developer nothing to produce. It will initially cost them but that break point for them will be reached rather fast. You also do not have a venue in most to sell of the junk. Another issue is you dink and dunk your money and do not realize what you are actually spending until you step back and look how much you have actually spent. As you said @Sebngarde you realized it was effecting your pocket book and not giving you value so you walked away but a person with an addiction can not just walk away. And after hearing more on the subject in my honest opinion loot boxes have no business being in a single player game. There is no reason for it.
  6. Wish I had something of value to add but I can see both the Pros and Cons to them. I have in the past taken part in some Micro Transaction in games but it is only for something I saw value in. I am more inclined to be more in favor for free games as they are initially offering it for free and hell everyone needs to make a living on their work. On the other hand I have seen full well what a major effect it can have on my kids. One of my sons has spent most of his gift money on micro-transactions in free games like Dota and in some others. As a Parent you want to say what the hell and yes we had discussions but at the same time they need to learn for themselves. Now he not as inclined to spend his money on them but I can also see the compulsion argument to it. Does the Govt need to get involved? Which Govt? As games now go world wide where does the responsibility fall. For me I do not necessarily see the Govt being a big help in the near future and to be totally honest in my opinion the whole show them with your pocket book is a great chant but unless it is very organized it really does not have a great effect like another "protest" that eats up the headlines currently. People are going to buy what they see value in. Id also say be careful what you ask to be regulated because regulation almost always ends up coming in your own backyard because you opened the gate. It takes over more than you wanted it to. That's my 2 cents and cant really say if I added anything but my chest fells lighter.
  7. Looting/Hording Problem?

    So would you be classified as having a looting/hording problem if your were playing Borderlands 2 with you son in a coop and he is yelling at you to come on and runs a head and you are like "No these boxes did not get opened." and you can leave an area until every possibly box is opened and all your ammo is full?
  8. When the comment was made it gave me visions of Richard running for his life from a Drauger.
  9. Insanity

  10. Dogs are better! A thread dedicated to dogs!

    A true hero! One smart dog!
  11. I love cats..a thread dedicated to cats

    Good lord this is still a thing.
  12. OMG I think i took a wrong turn into a hospital! Rip Dark Theme <_<:(

    1. Merp17


      I know how you feel. When they updated the forum the dark theme disappeared. I suggested we get Mulder and  Scully on the case, but my Idea was rejected.

    2. Shadowlyn


      Well i second that motion :lol:

  13. Overhaul Mods Suggestions

    Currently using Ordinator for my play throughs. I do not have a powerful computer and it is light on my system and very easy to install. I am also using the combat mod Action Combat and Enemy AI Overhaul. I tried Revenge of the enemies but enemies had a blue swirly thing when they appeared that was immersive breaking for me.
  14. This Forum

    For @Quarico
  15. Hello

    Welcome to the forum and it appears there be no Fowl Droppings. Recedes back to the shadows...