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  1. Which textures is Gopher currently using? Is it still minecraft HD? I searched for them and found minecraft HD textures but it's not the same. I know he has shaders and optifine. I am referring to the texture pack itself... does anyone know?
  2. Gnah. Found out what it was. I had to run skyrim through the steam launcher one time to let loot recognize the skyrim esm ..... -.-
  3. Hey guys! I have a problem here. I am moving to MO and installing all my mods. I am using Gophers tutorials. I installed loot as third party program. I know MO comes with a mini loot, but that one is sorting the mods in different manor than the big loot suggests. Problem is, when I start loot from MO and let it sort the mods, when I click apply it says the following: And it doesn't sort them. I close loot and in MO nothing changed. So I can't use BigLoot. I want to use it to change some load order details for load order on some mods. But I can't! Help?!
  4. Gopher is again so lucky with his location. An underground pool! That's just ridiculous lucky!
  5. I mean the twitch live streams and the corresponding youtube uploads later on. The titles pcat chooses for forum titles are the same a the videos I know. But I don't quite know which youtube video was which live stream. That's what I meant.
  6. Hi dear Admin-folks! I have another request. Maybe it's just me. I find it hart to know which twitch stream is which video on Gophers live channel. I know the titles give a hint like "Me has shaders" and "trying out shaders". Sometimes I don't know I watched the stream until I watch the youtube video only to be "disappointed" that's it's nothing new. I don't know if you guys can sort that out better but maybe it's possible to link to the twitch notification in the corresponding youtube thread or post the date it was streamed.... or maybe even use the calender that's build into the forums. Or so. Greetings
  7. Oh. Ok. I Thought it was the final server. i'll keep suggestions of that type to a minimum till it's decided.
  8. Hey folks! Just before we moved from the old forum the Admins/mods changed the "active member" titles to "active minion". Can we have that back? Would be so nice! Greetings.
  9. ​Yeah. I'll ask you for the armor when I see you next time. That would help lot's. Thanks. I got a golden shovel now. First time I hadn't. I'll try to fish and bake bread as much as I can before venturing on an claiming a piece of land. ^^ I don't think I would find my mini hut anyways. XD If anyone sees a mini hut made of dark brown oak please point me in that direction!
  10. I somehow still don't get the hang of playing with others. One day I started building a hut and I mean a tiny one on an open field, the next time I lock in I am already surrounded ..... And I am running starving from spot to spot don't know where to get food from and in the nights the city is overrun by mobs..... I almost get killed every night. I don't know, somehow I am too stupid for it.
  11. I really would like him to make a modding tutorial for minecraft on how to use optifine and shaders and so on. -.- And he is pretty lucky with his location. To one side he has forest and fields to the other ocean and swamp. I am stuck in the middle of mountains....
  12. How do I know if I am on claimed land??? *wonder*
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