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  1. Originally a topic providing information about a new clan for a game, appropriately created in the General Community Information forum too, somehow turned into a place where said game is being criticized... right. I don't want to encourage further criticism, but as someone who has played this game, I have to say it's a lot of fun. There is plenty of solo content and public events and it doesn't feel grindy to me, in fact there doesn't even seem to be need for grind. I'll go on and say that so far this seems to be the most fair multiplayer experience I've ever had.
  2. I'm a big fan of this idea. Might work there other way too - bring new minions here.
  3. First of all on topic, I think there needs to be a railway back and forth, going from spawn to crossroads and a central station somewhere, but I know I am a biased railway junkie and few people share this view. I know this because I suggested it before the server was launched but different decisions were made then. I don't want to go tearing down existing builds, but maybe we could build something like a subway, kind of like the Deep Rail but close to the surface with marked entrances to subterranean stations, etc. No size fits all new players so if you want to accommodate new players who
  4. Look from the highway down, now with matching stained glass ceiling.
  5. Below is what we could do - make another tunnel right below the highway and relocate the tracks there. Uninterrupted unless the rider exits the cart and lands on the pressure plates, say every other chunk, with stairs up and chests with spare carts and spare material. The original highway tunnel would be used for running and horse riding only, as well as connecting personal tunnels. Basically we would end up with 3 transport layers, from top to bottom - slipstream, highway and railway.
  6. In regards to the railway, my suggestion is make in non-stop, but make it easy for people to get off anywhere or in designated places. 1) Spacing 16 block of powered rails is enough to keep the cart near the top speed and it will ensure the empty cart will slow down very fast and only go a short distance after /i if it reaches the next powered rail. 2) Designated stops with pressure plates that will deactivate powered rails in vicinity. (Not at every single personal exit.) r - normal rail P - powered rail t - pressure plate two-way ttttt rrrrrrPrrrrrrrrrPrrrrrr
  7. For goodness sake, Jean... make your own thread. Oh wait you did and got it pinned. So... (:
  8. Thanks for doing the math. I didn't realize there was a claim so I will need to look into that. As for the connecting roads, a notable one is that of _Helkaer_ (@Helkar) - the ever so safe and inviting lava surrounded stairs - and she seems to be okay with it.
  9. I appreciate the effort Ezryal put into the upgrade but because your road turns left and right and up and down it cannot be used as a ice highway. I would actually love to rebuild it so it continues straight north from the nether highway. I have been working on a western branch and I would like to connect it smoothly. Would you and Ezryal mind if I did? I'll try to contact you in game if I notice you.
  10. I apologize for this slightly morbid topic and perhaps it will get buried quickly but I kind of needed to share this. Also, I've noticed a few other people play in a kind of virtual iron man survival mode, i.e. trying their absolute best to avoid death, as if their own life depended on it. I am very interested to learn how others who take this game perhaps a little too seriously did or have been doing. If you died early but haven't since it still counts and occasional fast travel does not disqualify you unless it's purpose was to avoid death specifically. To whom it may concern, unforbida
  11. Glass in my texture pack (edit: Soartex Fanver) is basically transparent, so yeah. Getting sick climbing the spiral staircase doesn't seem too bad suddenly.
  12. Good job reporting this as well and I hope this will show them. I hate to keep looking over my shoulder whenever it's simply not possible to make a claim.
  13. Not in the market to buy a house but if this becomes a thing I might consider hiring someone to build a specific building I need for me.
  14. This. I get that there is nothing to discuss at this point but I still think we could do the very least and let people voice their opinions, their views and observations. Some have probably just found out about it.
  15. Warp gates would be nice, just a handful or two but no more than that. Meanwhile, I started looking into digging tunnels for the outer nether highway circuit, i.e. a square with corners at +/- 1000, +/- 1000 (nether coordinates), at the same elevation as the existing highway. I plan to build the part which connects my faraway place to one of the main branches of the nether highway and see if it's any good. Another similar circuit might be handy at around 500 distance from the center, but that one will be much more likely to run into claims. Other than that, it would be nice if
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