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  1. Just to add to it, there is #farlands channel also. And if anyone would like to set it up on PC, I recommend HexChat for the IRC client. And one more thing, @Pajoonk please include in your opening post that they should set their login/authentication method in their IRC client to NickServ and use the password they had set up after doing NickServ commands.
  2. My feelings about Redmine: The thing with Redmine is that it helps with the workflow when solving issues on the server. It is so much easier when you can see each issues laid out for you before you jump in the server, instead of the usual text chaos I get when I logged in. I can quickly handle dozens of issues easily when I can organise them in my head and have clear goals and priorities, I get those done a lot quicker comparing to the times I had to deal with the issues presented during the initial logged-in swarms, and then have more time to actually play the game. I have Redmine s
  3. I didn't really have any plan to make any more warp point apart from the Crossroads to begin with, but I'll think about it and maybe see what other staff think too. Although it's not really too much trouble or would take that long to type /spawn at all. I feel so honoured.
  4. No, those are vanilla while /warp is from Essentials.
  5. I was hoping more for things like the blood of your firstborn infant, but that's fine, keep your bribes Anyway, https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/8
  6. Frankly, a quick teleport to Crossroads is not out of the question for me personally. I could see what I can do, but I will need bribes.
  7. No matter where you hide, Rod is always watching you...
  8. I had a quick glanced at the discussion on that plugin, it hasn't been updated and is not compatible with 1.10.x
  9. Forgot to mention this; just to clarify, "/zh info" can be used to show the location of any of your horse.
  10. Personally I don't have any problem with giving that a try, although there could be technical issues with swapping these plugins that I'm not aware of, so I'll ask the system admins and see what they think. And even after that they'll want to test it thoroughly first on the test server so this could take some time. It's not a closed case, like that the lag is fixed and we'll just gonna leave /zh here disabled forever and never do anything more about it or anything like that, we're still working on it and hopefully find a way for people to still call their horses if possible.
  11. The server should be running a lot better now, and the people playing since yesterday have been saying this too. Let us know if it has improved for you also.
  12. Completely disregard that. Give us all the stuff!
  13. I enjoyed my time there, and it was a nice change of pace from the chaos of Minionland
  14. We could do 2 mods for different time zones. From what people have said here and my brief time stalking on Farlands, it looks like @Algerhard would be the right pick for the EU zone. For the US zone, I'd say either @kmsparkli or @stentheugly from what I hear, so this depends on who's willing. If there's no objection and we could decide on one for the US, you guys could have your very own native mods in as soon as tomorrow!
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