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  1. I still have two weeks in this awfulness
  2. I declare myself DUKE OF something or another..... Not quite sure yet
  3. Wooooow. So this is what my little thread turned into. Some real deep thought. I love you guys<3
  4. That's OK. You were trying to be a good Samaritan. He understands
  5. Jakob Baldock was a real life friend of mine and was wondering why he was banned. He said it was spamming but he only posted three things. I'm curious as well
  6. I welcome our new member (I'll be it a rather late one) welcome to this wonderful kingdom. We are a very wonderful people who are very passionate about owls one way or the other. I hope they all make you feel welcomed as they did to me. Also in our little family I am the sassy black aunt who everyone thinks is sane but really isn't. Anyway these are usually nice people owl politics excluded. Welcome
  7. Sometimes I like to steal things from children. Like candy. Candy is much tastier when covered by a childs teers. Mmmmmm teers.
  8. About the char: I like him, but I think he will be in the "Anti Twitch/Grunt" faction. I don't think he likes addicts at all And I think you can't prove me wrong when I say, that the two are probably the most crazy in this RP He doesn't hate addicts exactly. He has a twinge of pity for them. He hates drugs is a more correct statement. And thank you for saying so. Your character's really cool as well. I have no clue how I messed up this post so bad. Why do I break everything I touch? :(
  9. And that's what happens when my real life friends get online. I love this guy.
  10. I always have I guess. My middle school days sucked sooooo yeaaaahhhh
  11. Sounds beautiful. Wish I had some of that here
  12. Better nothing than cows and corn all day. Plus I live on a farm. Super crappy internet
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