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  1. Would like your comments, suggestions thoughts. No Gopher does not need to worry about any competition from me. I just wanted to learn how this whole process is done. From capture to edit to publish to post. I think this would be a very fun tool to study some of my favorite fights to try and get better. Just using fraps set to full screen and 30fps. Windows Movie maker to knock the 3gigs down to megs. Here's a simple and short Witcher 2 walks in the woods there should be no spoilers. No cussing, no sex, no fights.
  2. Here's my first attempt at building a full on gamingPC CPU- i7-4820K 3.7GHz, Motherboard- GB X79-UP4 ATX w/UD 5, RAM- 16GB DDR3/1866MHz, GPU- Zotac GTX 780 single, Monitor- ASUS VG248QE 24-inch 144Hz, Harddrive- SSD 500GB Samsung 840 EVO Series SATA-III Win7 64bit XBOne control pad LG Blueray player 2TB USB3 remote HD to store junk.
  3. My bad. He is from the UK and lives in Norway. Sorry
  4. Lots more eye candy and a talk with the Devs' on this Nuclear winter hits Nevada
  5. A face only a mother could love. One step closer and I'll bite your nose off. I did'nt mean it please go away. Too Cute. Mother Nature was having a good day.
  6. My lack of computer skills will be showing here. I only know how to take screen shots with the steam feature (F12). I don't think this website can display steam screen capture photos you have to click on the link sorry. My title for this pict is "When one dragon attacking is not enough three can be just right" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=396706393 I call this one " Who brings a dart gun to a bear fight" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381465055 "Thanks for the punching tips Veronica" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=380818389 Dawn at Point Lookout and the start of a wonderful day. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=377544086
  7. OMG you were "Wabbajack'd" That is too funny. Great story beautiful map. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Wabbajack_(Skyrim) @Pcat's photo the caption should read "Oh my! What big teeth you have Mr dragon." haha
  8. Fair enough. We should probably get back to helping huntthewind make better LP videos.
  9. Well it's Thursday and I'll bet Gopher is knee deep it monster slaying and buzzing on potions about now. Oh I am so jealous and can't wait for his [in my best gopher voice] "And We're Back" W3 review video.
  10. Reading thru this "where are you from" thread something just dawnd on me. Now I'm no writer so please excuse my sentence structure. I wonder if a guy from the UK living in Norway with a interest in video gaming, recording, and sharing that game play and a girl from Canada who started a fanbased website forum that was adopted by the guy ever though about how their actions would allow people from all over our planet to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about where we are from, who we are, what we like and dislike. Its pretty awesome when you really think about. EDIT: replaced Denmark with Norway. My bad. Jeeze I'm such a newb.
  11. I went camping last weekend with friends and had a group of wild turkeys walk thru my camp. We stayed up late and talked everything from WoW to Call of Duty. Woke up to this beautiful sunrise. Had some coffee from my hammock and hiked home.
  12. OK one last tip and I will shutup about this. Do you want your Witcher 2 steam game saves for your gog registered Witcher2? Go to C:/Program files (x86)/Steam/userdata/ find the folder named 20920 open and copy all. (or pick and choose your choice) Go to your My Documents/Witcher2/gamesaves and paste. When you launch your game all your old saves will be available. hth
  13. [uSER=819]@huntthewind[/uSER] I'm sorry I did not mean to sidetrack your thread. Sometimes I've had too much coffee and can't shut up.:(
  14. I have read the competition guys will only use K&M and that is fine. They are there to win and not RP or immerse themselves in a game. Since you have control pad experience do you not miss your comfy chair to assume your work position at a computer table? What about duelshock? I'm not sure what xbox calls it. Do you not miss every time you strike with a sword or block with your shield or take a hit by your foe you feel it in your hands and your stomach because your kicked back in your comfy chair with the controller on your belly. When your characters 6th sense kicks in and you know something is around the corner your duelshock starts slowly vibrating and gets stronger and stronger as you get closer? Don't forget jump scares. OMG I have come out of my seat(and pee'd my pants a little) when all of a sudden my duel shock hit max vib at the same time the the big guy with the chainsaw pops out. All that given up for 10ms faster aims....... Edit: No K&M Borderlands 2 player ever understood why Miss Moxxi's GoodTouch was her favorite SMG .
  15. There are some wonderful graphic artist over on the Borderlands forum. http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/ They work for free but you do have to fill out a questionnaire to help them understand you and what you are looking for. They will make both avatars and banners. hth
  16. We need a #doglove thread to. I'll participate.
  17. Welcome fellow minion. I like your avatar.
  18. You are probably asking yourself where is this guy going with this. So here it is. There are thousands upon thousands of skyrim youtube players out there. To be successful you need to be unique. Have or offer something the others don't. I have just joining the LP world and with years of playing a buttery smooth control pad and watching smooth camera actions I notice this X-axis jerky panning from K&M gamers. (((It drives me crazy))) K&M player are used to it, ignore it, or learn to blink at the right time so they don't get motion sickness. I am suggesting to you a very immersive LP. Like watching a movie where the camera movement is as important as the game play.
  19. HaHa, I know exactly how you feel. Back when I played Nintendo GameCube you looked and moved with one joystick. When I bought a PS3 with its two joystick I flipped out tell myself I could never learn this. My PS3 sat for 8 months. In the dead of winter and board out of my mind to play a new game I decided to set down and learn this new controller no matter what. I died a lot, I looked drunk as I walked around the game and forget precise aiming but something clicked and all of a sudden it started working. My brain learned to seperate moving forward or side to side(left thumb stick) with just looking around (right thumb stick) When I play Skyrim on my PS3 using a 52" big screen TV my family members, that don't play video games, would set down beside me and I would hear comments like, "wow this is just like watching a movie" "Are you really controlling the camera?" I guess what I am getting at is it just takes practice. You have hours>>>no years playing with your K&M you cannot expect to pickup a game pad and feel in control. You need lots of practice. After awhile you'll find you don't need aim assist and you don't need to set the joysticks to were it feels like you are moving thru mud. Many new online PvP's console only games where aim assist is turned off is debunking the rumor that a mouse is better for aiming. Go checkout some PvP console only youtube gameplay. They are moving just as fast, aiming just as quick and precise.
  20. This would be fun Chibihelghast I hope you do it. I'd love to see what everyones RP character looks like. I already have a few stored in my steam account.
  21. My name is based on another hobby of mine. I like to hike short distances 1-3 miles (1.6-4.8km)with a backpack and camp in the woods for a night or two. So Out to the woods and Back home again. I'm a modern day hobbit who likes small adventures.
  22. OK I found the fix and though I would share it for future Steam Witcher 2 gamers. Go to GOG.com and join, it's free. Log in. Download their free downloader. Go to your Steam Games Library Click on The Witcher 2 Click on CD Key under LINKS to the right Copy your cd-key from the popup window Enter your cd-key here: http://www.gog.com/en/witcher2/backup/ Once the Witcher2 shows up on your gog bookshelf use the downloader and installer to get a new copy of the game. It will default install in your C:/GOG Games. Not the program files. While the new copy is downloading go to Steam and turn off cloud sync. and uninstall your steam copy of the game. You launch the game from a desktop shortcut or the C:/GOG Games folder. I have played for about 2 hours with no issues and I have game save files in my documents folder. YEAH! Since I have already pre-ordered Witcher 3 from Steam. Ordered it before all this cloud mess started. I plan to repeat all the steps above to move that game to GOG. Thank you unforbidable for helping me troubleshoot this issue and suggesting the gog solution.
  23. So the latest in my Witcher 2 issues on my second playthru with steam cloud games saves full has escalated to random CTD on manual saves and game randomly crashing for no reason at all. This all started after turn off steam cloud game saves. So I turned it back on but no overlays. This did not fix the issue. Uninstalled the game from steam and deleted all files I could find on my HD related to this game. I also removed the game from NMM just in case the one mod(bug fix) I added was an issue. Starting from scratch I reloaded the game. I must have missed something because the game remembered my quality setting they were not the default. So I failed in completely removing the game from my PC A clean install did not fix my random or manuel save CTD issues. So I am about ready to chuck (delete) this game and move on. I am not technical enough to fix this.
  24. So now that we know where Gopher is going and what he is playing. I wonder if he brought his one handed keyboard to play with? I just hate learning a new game and controller at the sametime.
  25. The Bethesda forum got hit yesterday big time. They spammed many folders with 20-30 dup posts. I was up late last night when it hit and reported it.
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