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  1. snip..." a lot of bad things have happened in my life " Sorry to hear this. Please let us know if we can help or you just need a shoulder or a ear. I check this forum 4 or 5 times a day so I am pretty much always around.

    1. enigma21000


      Thank you for the kind words.:)

  2. Hi man,

    Well I have been trying in vein to keep the MC ending some what of a secret for Gopher.

    I did not know if he knew there is a dragon fight. I keep trying to add spoiler to statement like this.

    They're going to open up the server after they kill the ender dragon, but Gopher would like to hold an opening ceremony. If there's no time on Sunday (if killing the ender dragon took too long or Gopher needs to duck out), they're going to open the server the Sunday after.





  3. Time for an avatar change. A little Roger Dean from 1973

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