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  1. Hi Aleskia, We have similar stories. I also found Gophers channel when I was just starting to mod Skyrim and Fallout3/NV. It is nice having another senior here. I will be 67 next month.
  2. I have not played Beyond Skyrim Bruma. I tried, but I did not have a high enough player to get thru the gate and at that time I did not know about the secret cave that lets you pass without going thru the gate. This mod had no consideration for my lvl20 character that was not the Dragonborn. So I gave up and uninstalled the mod with no interest to ever go back. I watched 2 LPs but did not see a reason to play myself. I guess I am not an ES fan but only a Skyrim and Skyrim modded fan. Like Gopher hates 76 I have those feeling for anything pre Skyrim.
  3. So you still can't sheath an arrow you have to shoot it into the ground and retrieve it? Do you think the wolves will still look like white german shepherd puppies? What exactly will this engine give us that is better? I guess you can tell Gophers video did not get me very hyped. But I am sure he will turn it into something worth watching I just won't be playing it.
  4. Not being a modder. Will Skyblivion have Skyrims combat? If not I will have no interest in this game. I tried several time to play Oblivion and ignore the absolutely awful combat and just could not get interested at all. I have been watching Voices from the Dark 100% blivion play thru and now understand the story. If anyone is looking for a very good magic mostly playthru check this one out. https://youtu.be/5OUxielhaW0
  5. I wonder how that would work? If I mod a new outfit what do others see when they look at me? They don't have my mod installed. I really enjoyed the game for what it was but I played thru about 3 times. Only launched one time. Too much work for what it was worth. Better to go shoot and loot someones nuked site. I mostly played the game as a single player ignoring the others. On playthru I did help many lower lvl players lvl up and that was fun as well. It would take a lot to get me to reload the game I would rather mod the crap out a skyrim SE and roleplay a new character sans dovahkiin. I just can't see that type of modding in 76.
  6. I have not been following the Bethesda forums. I didn't think modding that game was a thing. Are people talking about it like it is something they want? Looking at Skyrim and FO4 mods I just don't see those kinds of mods working in 76. Reskinned outfit or gun sure OK. I sure would not be interested in a player home or fancier cities. I loved west virginia vanilla. Two of my favorite LPers MATN and OXhorn both covered 76 really well. I put about 600 hours in but nothing Bethesda has offered lately has made me want to go back in.
  7. Anyone know of a good how video for installing Direct X 9.0 in to windows `10? I have tried several time with no luck. As I understand it you can't play Fallout 3 without it.
  8. That big black box on the right is the fan and radiator for the watercooled i9 Just to the left is the mother board then below is the video card. On the other side of the motherboard is the power supply and two bay for HD's The PS has a fan on it. This thing runs very quiet and I can't detect a lot of heat. I have loaded FO4, SKYRIM SE both with mods. Metro Exodus, and Witch3. All setting to ultra and can hold 60 fps. This video card is kind of weird. it only has a HMDI out. I have not been able to change the FR above 60fps even though my monitor is a 144hz. yet if I turn v sync off Metro runs at about 340fps. It does have a 4K 60fps and 1080 60fps. Win 10 has not been as bad as I though I am limping thru. Only remembering about 1/2 my passwords was a major pain.
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