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  1. I sure enjoyed this playthru on this huge mod. Props to the mod developers for an excellent bit of work. I must say though the age of the FO NV engine and the quality of the AI really showed its age. In so many places it was hard to watch.
  2. In case you are as excited about this game as I am here is yet another taste of what is to come. Why Gopher is not all over this video I don't know it is so up his alley.
  3. I guess I am not following. Gopher has not made it to the end of New California so you mush be speaking about your ending.
  4. Think about it. A Fallout game without Bethesda's input. I can't wait to see what Obsidian has cooked up. We are only a few weeks away from release. I have not been this excited since Witcher 3. Good Lord I hope Gopher has made room for a bling LP of this game. The gaming world needs this so badly.
  5. Who is pre- ordering? Who is looking forward to this Obsidian master piece?
  6. To see the young enjoy and understand and copy the old gives me hope in our future.
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