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  1. So is no one on the forum playing metro but me and Flyddon? I'm on my 3rd playthru I'm playing a bad Artyom this time. Killing everything, max negative carma, for the super bad ending. It is very hard to play this way. Shooting innocent people in the face. I have to quit all time it not too fun but I want to hear the voice actors and see the bad cut scenes and its the only way to do it.
  2. Rage 1 vs Rage2 I love Rage 1 but will it help with Rage 2? I don't know. The trailors are not promising. Rage 2 does not seem to have any connection to the original game. I hope I am wrong but I am not preordering the game because the trailors are so different and they look too much like Doom with race cars. An we all know how gopher sucks with driving using a K&M, haha. I am really looking forward to Gopher getting back to Rage 1. I sure hope he can find the secret room where all the programmers signed their names and I can't remember did he find the Fallout 3 bobble head?
  3. 3 am jeeze that is detication. I have never been able to make the live but I do enjoy the recording so I can watch when my life gives me a chance.
  4. Thanks Cryzeteur it just started working about 3 hours after it posted. Gopher seemed to think it had somethng to do with YT USA. Everyone on his side of the pond could see it.
  5. At E3 GearBox released an improved graphics Borderlands (1) so to take a break from Metro (kill everything playthru for the worst ending) and FO76 I decided to load and play one of my first 1st person shooters. Yep I played Borderlands before buying Fallout 3. So to my question. I have never play Lillith and I am not sure how her warping special ability is suppost to be used against bad guys. Its a great way to escape if you get overwhelmed but I don't think that is how you are suppost to use it. I could sure use some guidence if you know how to play her. thanks
  6. HaHa sorry I came across a bit too strong. I had just watched Gophers rant of ESOL. He got me all spun up.
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