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  1. I think the forum has always picked up when Gopher plays an amazing game and members want to talk about the game and Gopher's playthru. Like the 2015 Witcher 3 There hasn't been anything even close to the W3. When the next ES single player games comes out this place will light up like a christmas tree. It might happen with 2077 but who knows.
  2. That whole "Ready when its ready" Is starting to have a bite to it.
  3. An just incase you don't know I am not allowed to post on your YT video in the comments if I skip this ad. I can hit the like.
  4. My guess is you have no control over who uses your content to advertise their crap.
  5. I live in Colorado USA which is in the middle of America up against the Rocky Mountains. I have been in quarantine for just over 2 months and I am going crazy. I am 67 years old so as the news tells me I am most vulnerable to catching this virus. Needless to say I have been watching a lot of my favorite You Tubers LP's since local TV is so depressing and political. 45 minutes a day from Gopher has just not been enough for me so I recently loaded up my favorite part of Gophers Witcher 3 THE WITCHER 3 - Wild Hunt 88 : Destination Skellige
  6. Ok, world this is RedRocks in Colorado. All bands, every band in the world wishes to be able to play at this local. Here is one of my favorites that made it to RedRocks. I hope you enjoy.
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