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  1. Of all my YT Lpers Gopher is the only one with a forum. I don't usually leave comments on my LP YTers because I don't think they have time to read them much less comment back where I would see it. IMO its just a big waste of bandwidth. Only the little guys just starting out take the time to talk back. It's a shame really.
  2. OK I got it figured out. It my no ads Firefox browser. Here's gopher channel with windoz IE with all the ads it brings. I guess I won't be leaving many YT comments from here on out.
  3. I just recently upgraded my PC and thought this was something to do with W10 but may are posting on the internet they to have lst this ability. In the past you had to have a google+ account linked but I believe google+ is dead. Anyone found out how to fix this. @Gopher how about a short howto fix this video? So here is what I see. Note there is no place to leave a comment. This is going to hurt likes and comments for YTer's needing them to make money. Click pict for larger image.
  4. God I am so flustrated with Epic. I own the Metro Exodus Gold Edition (75bucks US). I have spent all day trying to get the DLC to load then when I think it is loaded I can't find out how to start the DLC. I don't know if this is Epic's fault Deep Silver or A4 games but IMO it is really FU. I have never had this much flustration with Steam. I have always hated steam coming form the PS console world. But I am beginning to see why they charge 30% EPIC IS SUCH A JOKE. EDIT it only took me until 10PM to somehow get the DLC to load and run. Now I am too tire to play.
  5. Discover the true nature of the ill-fated Station below the dead city of Novosibirsk, #MetroExodus - The Two Colonels launches tomorrow August 20th 2019. Anyone getting ready to play this DLC?
  6. Happy birthday David. I wish you many more and thanks for hanging around to help us youngsters out 😉
  7. Hi Aleskia, We have similar stories. I also found Gophers channel when I was just starting to mod Skyrim and Fallout3/NV. It is nice having another senior here. I will be 67 next month.
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