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  1. That's Raul. Jack rescued him from Tabitha. Gopher's running some kink of mod that really changed his ghoul features. Can't say I like it. I don't like any mods that change the faces of the original characters. Their cloths and guns fine but not their faces.
  2. I had to chuckle listening to Gopher try and understand Texas English. No state in the US has bastardized the English language more than them.
  3. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Thanks I may try again. I did watch Gophers LP so I know about the cave now. Since I had no reputation the commander at the gate would not let me thru. I could not find a work around. It was so simple for Gopher's high lvl character the commander reconized him as the dragonborn and he just let Gopher thru.
  4. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    Yes, Beyond Skyrim: Bruma I could not get it to work with a low lvl (30) character that did not finish the main quest.
  5. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    If I added my PS3 time with Skyrim I have over 3000 hours in game. I have answered every question for every choice. I burned out 1 PS3 HD and 4 controllers. I have played all the major mods except this last one Gopher just finished. I currently don't have a high lvl Dragonborn so the guard at the gate doesn't know me. So basicly the mod is broken as far as I am concerned and to be honest I'm so burned out of Skyrim I have no energy or will to troubleshoot this new mod. I did get 150 hours in the 64 bit Skyrim before everything came back to me and there was no new discoveries.
  6. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    When I look at a game like Enderal and think about the team that made it. A game every bit as good as the original from such a small group of deticated programmers. I just have to hang my head in discust that it has been 6 years and there is no ES6 in site. Such poor management.
  7. The Elder Scrolls 6 NOW or RIOT!

    What the hell are they thinking. 6 years is just stupid too long 3 years is more like it. Could this be a ESO thing where that IP would die if ES6 was released?
  8. I bought the Automatron DLC to make the base game more dangerous after what lvl15 I believe. I did not like or buy anything else.