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  1. I still have a boyhood crush on Jewel(own most of her albums) she was the ship mechanic. https://youtu.be/0wBDDAZkNtk
  2. My first feeling after watching the trailor was, this looks sounds and feels like what Rage2 should feel like. Not the Pink over the top MAD MAX on steroids Rage 2 is. If you did not play and love the original rage this sentence will make no sense to you.
  3. OutandBack


    well I kind of feel like we are still in the BETA even with retail games on the shelves. Ther has been two major updates and two hot fixes. This post is mostly a few comments from me about the update on Dec 4th with the complete game rebalance. I don't know if any of you folks that are playing have tried to take on a lvl50 ScorchedBeast. But they feel more like a lvl100 and if they get a glimps of you they chase you. When you are overloaded(can't run also burn AP to move) this can be quite scary. I am a lvl80 an a lvl50 scorchedbeast can kick my buttt. I was chased thru the forest tonight running for Watoga train station. I'm the mayor of that town and when the scrochedbeast entered the city limits all the towns robots started attacking. We are talking 4 assaultrons and about 20 random robots. Once the beast was distracted from the others I started fighting. I used all my ammo and walked to the train station to scrap junk and make ammo. Yea I can run now. I ran back out and the fight was still go. The S-Beast's health was only at 50%. At about 25% he landed I could start using nades. What does all this mean? Even at lvl 80 this game keeps you scared makes you think and if you aren't paying attention you are dead. Luv it.
  4. Isn't the real problem Bethesda does not want to make a Fallout NV 2 and it's not about the engine at all. I am sure the old Interplay Entertainment, and Black Isle Studios lovers felt this way when Fallout 3 came out. With its first person shooting and VATS system OMG. Yet others found FO3 to be the game of games. The start of a new open world adventure never really topped. No one would even remember the original FO if it wasn't for Bethesda's redesign and expansion of the story and lore and they continue to expand it. Some like it and some don't. History will tells us if they went in the right direction. Because I want to play Elders Scrolls 6 in my lifetime I do not want Bethesda to scrap their current engine. I am quite happy with the world and quality of game play I have in FO4/76.