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  1. UPDATE: If you clean out your SSD with Steam games you are not playing don't delete Steams version of SKSE you need that for the standalone Enderal with DLC. So far I have not see any of the DLC so far well maybe I stumbled on one new small dungeon with some extra goodies in it. I am just not sure where to look yet I hope things become a bit clearer when I get to Ark. There is some really nice tweaks with extra sound tracks and special effects. So are suttle but very nice.
  2. I am downloading Forgotten Stories now. I totally spaced it. Anyone else playing? Once its loaded I will delete 32bit Skyrim and the old Enderal. I see no reason to waste SSD space. I'm really taking my time with Metro so I think I can do both games at the same time.
  3. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I've not started the game back up yet. Its the weekend and I do a lot of family things then. I'm retired so I like to play when I have the house to myself. Games I enjoy have come very slowly since the Witcher 3 so I am savoring Metro just a chapter at a time. I'm also not watching any LP's of the game until I go thru the game twice. My first playthru is always learning the game and I go in guns a blazing. My second playthru will be a no kill if possible. These metro games are really fun with the no kill stealth game play they allow. I play on PC but with a xbox controller so learning the controls can be tricky. I love the gun fire rumblepack feedback when firing a weapon. Also the camera work is so smooth. I have not figured out how to remove my mask yet or repair with tape. I can switch weapons, punch, take a stim wipe my mask, look at my stealth light, turn on my lamp or light my lighter and throw a can.
  4. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I don't know where Gopher is these days. He is not playing any games I am interested it. You can check the Video and Streaming notifications I keep that up to date daily. https://community.gophersvids.com/forum/48-video-and-stream-notifications/
  5. OutandBack

    Metro Exodus down loading. Where is the live stream?

    I am on the train. That was where I paused/saved the game so far. You have to look at the map in the train cabin and deside whether to go forward in the game or explore the train further. Stand by Anna and she will say look at the map. You can't go backwards from that point. If you missed any books or post cards. You will have to start a new game to find them