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  1. Anyone else playing this game notice the log cut scene for harvesting a simple plant? OMG that is driving me crazy. I hated the stager we got in W3 for harvesting but this cut to watch a the player neal down and pick one plant is maddening. We sure need a mod for that or the devs need to make that far more fluid.
  2. I can see a modder taking a 3rd person game and modding it for 1st person. But to take a 1st person game and make a 3rd person character seem way harder.
  3. I agree with this. By the time Gopher gets around to playing this we will all know the games storys thru watching others LP's or playing it our selves. That said from what I know about the game so far this game does not work well as a make your own story as you go. I don't know maybe Gopher can find away or he could play it like the witcher 3 and just go with the flow.
  4. So this was in my YT recommended...

    That is one hole digging machine. Thanks Sarnicone that video made me smile.