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  1. If you found yourself being attacked like you discribed could you not just log off and log back in to a different server? As I understand it your assets move with you they don't stay on a specific server.
  2. OutandBack

    Website content usage

    I honestly don't know. I know he has a post office box for his business. There might be an email addy on his steam page or either of his youtube channels.
  3. Sup3 wouldn't that take a lot of moderators if only 24 people can play in one game at a time. As long as they have randomized spawning points you might not see anyone for hours.
  4. I don't visit the YT comments for the very reason you stated. I leave my comments here on the forum. I still leave a thumbs up if I like the video but I don't post comments. This site is moderated, by me, and griefing is just not a thing around here. That said there is nothing wrong with posting constructive criticism. Welcome to the forum.
  5. OutandBack

    Website content usage

    Hi nekollx you would need to contact Gopher and get his OK to use his recordings. No one on this forum can give you the OK except the boss. I do believe you could use Bethesda's youtube footage on 76 with no issues. Either way I hope you will let us know if you put something out and give us a link.
  6. I am looking forward to building an OP'd character and becoming a bounty hunter on these griefers. Who needs BGS quests when everytime I log in I will see on my map that days bounties. What more could a gamer who likes to shoot want? I am not a minecraft kind of gamer and did not enjoy FO4's scrap collecting/settlement building. That is just not how I played fO3 or NV. If 4 or 5 of my friends can join the same server we could have a posse and kit these griefer in to an ambush.
  7. The website says release date 2018 and there is only 2.5 months left in 2018. Also website says you can get Enderal and the DLC from Steam but I checked today you could not download Enderal yet. https://sureai.net/ Anyone have plans to play this? I just did a clean install of both skyrim32 and Enderal I'm just not sure how far to play. The DLC discription reads more like put back cut content, expand and polish current quests, plus new quests. So I am thinking you need a pretty new character that hasn't progressed very far.
  8. If I remember correctly CDPR used PC's but everyone had to use an XBox 1 controller. All of my favorite LPers use all three systems for their walkthru's/LPs. They have to since Sony/PS has owned the gaming world since 2015 and Witcher 3. Even Gopher did a FO4 on xbox and he had to use a controller for that. An lets face it we PC gamers are still the redheaded step child in the gaming world with the lowest game sales of the big 3 even with mods.