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  1. You are talking about Mikhail, right? You can dismiss him asap and it will not hurt your game. Just dump his ass and all the bad (woke) words will no longer be in your game. Looking at you TiDinzeo
  2. Small up date since the full version just came out. I had played the game up to the last mission which was not available and waited for the full release to complete the game. But decided to play a new game in stead since the game is only a 30-50 hour game. I was glad I did the full version is a lot more polished with added features, additional quests, some re-balancing. They also made the game darker in it has a contrast problem. This can be fixed on the gamma setting. I am about 2/3rds thru my second play enjoying the game a lot.
  3. I really enjoyed the in game GWENT but the learning curve on the standalone is horrible. Anyway are you, have you played it? I don't see Gopher talking about it so I assume it is not on his play list anytime soon. All comments welcome.
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