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  1. Hmm.....interesting to see many people playing Elite. I'm still making my way up to the Anaconda.
  2. Roleplaying session? Count me in, but I don't have Tabletop Simulator, so I would rather use the browser site :P
  3. One thing that I think would end up being really cool is that if they allowed to upload a crest to put on your guild Tabbard. Don't you think?
  4. Hmm.....I was thinking, besides streaming XCOM on Saturdays, maybe get a day off or any other day to stream something else. Anything you would want or like to watch between these? http://strawpoll.me/3848854
  5. Voted for the two options I find I like more
  6. Off-epicness: Yesterday Twitch started to misbehave for a lot of people + Gopher might had to go off for reasons, so he didn't want to be forced to leave at mid-dungeon, so he decided to start next dungeon next stream.
  7. Well, Melsh and I once were in a Skyshard place and a Vet 14 appeared and murdered us both, so I guess it's good :P
  8. We will mourn your deaths, TiDinzeo, Quarico, Morloran.
  9. Spain, if I'm not mistaken, is GMT+1, it's 2:30pm at the time this post was written. I think it's GMT+1 on winter and GMT+2 on summer, daylight savings thing.
  10. I will be there because....I will be there. I don't need any real reason to go watch your stream, I just gonna watch it gopherVaultStiv
  11. Must do et! "All Kharjo wanted was......An intimate conversation with a candle" Brilliant!
  12. Hello there everyone! Have a happy new year for all the Minions and our Lord! May the year begins all nice for all of you!
  13. Good luck then. Sakura Spirit is fun to go through.
  14. Hey there everyone! I just thought I would start streaming some stuff and hopefully improve. Right now, I don't have that good of a hardware setup and can't stream in super duper high quality. Still though, I want to get better, improve, learn how to do more things and hopefully might be able to upgrade my machine. I'm slow, I have few issues with sound, my headphones aren't that good, but I will keep trying. For anyone who wants to watch me (even if it's only because there's nothing else to do) this is my Twitch channel. I'm exisero on Twitch, same goes for Twitter, @ExiseroIvan. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks for everything. I got Alien Isolation as a gift, so I thought I could stream it on some nights.
  15. If you set a timescale too low, like, below 6, quests and mods have higher chance of misbehaving.
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