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  1. Like Bob, I also like to explore. I would like to see another expansion just for the chance we might discover something new. Ebert
  2. Happy New Year! And as Gopher says, "Have fun."
  3. Thank you, SurfaceHealer, for all the assistance. You too, iShawnBoucher. Please come by and visit. Regarding resource packs, would each list their favorite for viewing. I've been using Vanilla HD 1.8 and Chromahills, but I would like to view things in a better pack. Libra, don't fret! Your builds are terrific. I vote for a Marketplace if you are still taking votes. Thanks to all the Commonwellers for the support and fun gaming. It's awesome in the Far Lands.
  4. Welcome aboard. Don't mind the craziness. You too will be assimilated.
  5. Can someone tell me if Gopher has put lave in the tower and if so where said episode may be found?

    1. Dalitasdrain


      im pretty sure it hasnt been done yet, and i bet you will notice it both on youtube and here on the forums :)

    2. Shadowlyn


      he knows how to generate suspense thats for sure. :P

  6. I noticed a similar thread on FO4 and thought it was an interesting topic. Geralt seems to go out of his way to kill people, primarily for loot. If he wants Superior Griffin gear and it happens to be in bandit camp, cave, village, or whatever, he wanders in the just kills whomever gets in his way. I wonder if he looks at it this way or not? I realize the game mechanics makes all these things hostile anyway, but the better question might be asked, "should Geralt even go there if he knows the location is occupied?" There should be an option of talking first before drawing your sword.
  7. No stream tonight? :

  8. Twitch Account: Ebert1104 I'm a Patron. Prefer Genadier or Scout.
  9. Has anyone cataloged by topic, quest, or title Gopher's episodes? I noticed he didn't use titles so much in the early years and there are times I would like to go back and see a specific episode.
  10. Does anyone remember which Skyrim episode Richard actually counts the number of steps to High Hrothgar?

  11. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  12. You may want to try performing the Black Sacrament. Just a thought
  13. The best bits are listening to Gopher's reactions to unexpected glitches, fails, or strange circumstances in the game. Examples include, but not limited to, comments made by Gopher during flying crucified bears (Stiv), watching Richard's body being tossed around by dragon effects, J'zargo quits (Stiv), and most recently Richard commenting on Kharjo's horse running a super speed. There are too many to choose. I love watching (listening) to theme all! Thank you, Gopher, for so many laughs.
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