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  1. Seriously, I am still amazed which mods get voted for File of the month on Nexus. Sucks for authors that actually put work into their creations.

    And even though I am not author myself I gotta say: Yes, I am salty.

  2. At that time, I did not really play a whole lot of video games since I did not have a PC back then and my brothers who had decent PCs already moved out of our parents house. But I did visit my brothers quite a lot, not only for gaming, but also since we did a lot together. I probably don't remember all the games, but I think the ones I played the most were Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, the occasional Starcraft and, when I came out in november 2007, Call of Duty 4, which also introduced me to shooter games. But there was another thing I played a lot and that was Warhammer 40.000. It was, in fact, the time I played that more than anything else. I still remember fondly packing my Space Marines every friday evening and going to meet some friends at their house (they were twins) together with another good friend. That was some glorious, absolutely lovely.
  3. Lum

    Gopher Merchandise Ideas [Serious]

    I have the perfect idea: A mug, our dark lord's logo and the slogan: Aaaaan we're back! I would buy that.
  4. It is pretty nice to see quite a few cool mods already ported over to SSE. Yet I think I am going to wait a little more until I am going to play it, probably around christmas holidays. Not only I have loads of stuff to do until then, but I wager SKSE will be out by then plus maybe some armor mods. But I am really glad that Wet and Cold is already avaiable. For me, WaC was always more important than Frostfall, since also the NPCs look like the cold/wet/ashy weather affected them. One of my must-have mods for sure!
  5. I got that ending too on my first as well as second playthrough too and I was kind of sure that Ciri was dead after visiting Emyhr. I managed to not get spoilered at all (I avoided Gopher's videos as well pretty much the whole internet during that time) and I thought the sword was just a souvenir for me, to keep her in my memory or something like that and that you would meet Triss (or Yen, if you romanced her) at the inn and then set off to Kovir or Nilfgaard (not sure where you go with Yen) together. Naturally, I was so happy when I saw it was indeed Ciri. But, I digress. Regarding the matter at hand (or rather in the video): I don't really get the concept of spoiling the outcome of something, just because people dont want Gopher to get one ending. One of the (many!) things that are keep me watching are his blind playthroughs. I think it is an awesome concept and spoiling that kind of ruins the fun of it. I just hope Gopher won't get spoiled that much in the future or that he can at least avoid them as good as possible!
  6. I don't know why exactly, but I don't like Witcher 2. I just can't seem to get back into the game, no matter how much I try.

    1. OutandBack


      Old games are really starting to show their age. Things we uses to just overlook or live with have become show stopper for me.

    2. Lum


      The thing is, I just finished W1 again and I LOVED it, again. For me, the first game was always more fun than the second. I wanted to play all 3 after each other, but I don't know why, but I can't bear W2^^

    3. Dalitasdrain


      i felt that w2 was a bit sluggish compared to w3 but its still awesome to watch gopher play it

  7. Lum

    Loving Witcher 3

    Another awesome nod by CDPR: I was just looking at the map shipped with my copy of Witcher and found that it was a map made by Fabio Sachs, a VERY minor character that appeared in the books. It is little things like this that makes me appreciate these polish guys even more. Absolutely brilliant, love it.
  8. @Brathering I thought AT FIRST the idea sounded to good to be true, until I thought it through. I meant it that way, sorry if it sounded confusing/unclear (: The reason why I think Djikstra has no real chance to be king, even with all of his connections everywhere is the fact that he was not born noble, he became a count the moment he got to the top of Redanias secret service. So I think it is likely that the nobility will not accept him as king. As to the armies: I meant exactly what you said, yet I think that Novigrads influence might be a bit overexaggerated as controling Novigrad itself seems to be rather impossible.
  9. Hmm. I was torn at that point, too. Djikstra is a great character, yet I did not trust him one cm. And Roches and Thalers idea did sound a bit too good to be true. But after thinking this true... I think it was the best idea, not only because I won't sacrifice some of my friends. Somewhat spoilerish
  10. Lum

    The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

    I actually never did see those. My W3 is rather vanilla and I am really content with it. I found this mod when I searched for a fix for the wolven gear (meaning the jacket being open) and found it. This rendered the Mastercrafted Wolven Armor my absolute favorite armor in the game. I actually am looking to change the model of the Grandmaster to that of the mastercrafted gear, yet I am a bit at a loss with that^^
  11. Lum

    The Witcher 3 mod recomendations

    One of my favorites is this little gem here: Armor Wolf Extended Basically, all it does is closing the various open jackets. The author updated this mod a couple of days ago to include Grandmaster Wolven Gear. I was always bothered with the open jackets, especially since wolven gear is my favorite.
  12. Weekend activity: Tip of the Hats, TF2 charity livestream: Check!

    1. Defectius


      Watching it too. Fun every year!

  13. Lum


    I always knew Talon was evil, but that crossed a line, even by their standards. I love silly SFM
  14. Lum


    I am just going to leave this here...