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  1. I understood your post, Nope, to mean that someone other than you placed those signs. It seems fair to keep a strip of ocean protected for boat travel, it's not as easy to mark a road in the sea as it is on land. To barge through someone's build with a shovel and leave an arrogantly-worded message like "your random dirt isn't welcome" however, seems quite ill-mannered. It seems fairly obvious that it's the start of someone's build. If you want someone to accomodate your transportation needs, leave a respectful sign asking if it would be possible. You might be surprised to
  2. Merged it with the existing one.
  3. Actually, it's believed to be the PAX migraine.
  4. Well, that's convenient.
  5. Send me the coordinates and I'll make sure to shout it at everyone in the Staff Discord.
  6. I checked it out and there doesn't actually seem to be anything there but a door. I'd consider it empty.
  7. Merp brings you down, Louise brings you up: ...only to drop you.
  8. A heads up for all of our overseas Minions, we're changing our clocks this Sunday. Clocks will be going back one hour on Sunday morning which means that Gopher's streams will start one hour later for you if you don't live in Europe or some other country where Summer Time ends at the same time (North America, for example, isn't changing until next weekend). For reference: timeanddate.com
  9. Darkfire has a place? I thought he lived with his parents with Rodz and Cherub?
  10. I used to have mods like you, then I took a special edition to the executable.
  11. Very much so. And if someone knows that they will be absent from the server for more than 30 days, notify staff to make sure that we don't let anyone take over your claim.
  12. As long as no one is building massive things right on someone's doorstep (which has happened on the server), it can be as ugly or ill-fitting as you want unless you had agreed differently with your neighbours.
  13. If I were to guess it went hand-in-hand with the PvPManager-plugin, which was answered here.
  14. I got it... It was just there when I logged in. I'm not even sure that I want it.
  15. The solution to your troubles (hopefully).
  16. Awesome! I'll make sure signposts around town are updated to reflect it.
  17. If you hover over the 'Activity'-tab, then click 'My Activity Streams' and 'Create New Stream', then you can indeed personalize your feed. EDIT: And you can make several streams in case you're not in the mood for certain topics.
  18. I for one very much looked forward to joining a server where if we wanted to get somewhere we needed to travel there, even if that meant that I'd see less of people who live far away. And that's sort of what Gopher seemed to have wanted too. I liked Gopher's vision but I have no problem understanding why some people wouldn't. I guess it's sort of like roleplay servers in MMOs, we want to pretend it's a bit more of a real world than it really is; and yes I do feel that if we're practically going to be playing different games, one where you can teleport and one where you can't, then that's not r
  19. My view may be somewhat of a typical architect's view, because I don't see this at all. I rather see finding common meeting places as community-building. Public spaces that people choose to meet in for trading or for just social meet-ups. Locations with names that are recognized among locals, common reference points. I'm seeing some of that with inns and things like that, and it was my reasoning for establishing Minions' Crossroads. That it was going to feel more like a community if we had some sort of public and recognizable spots, that it was going to feel more real then. You don't feel that
  20. Systems similar to this is something that's been floated as a possible replacement for TPAs. Something more immersive than typing commands into the chat. Obviously with the server having been up for a few weeks already, it'd be game-breaking for many people to entirely remove all forms of fast travel. (Which is why we're not doing it...) I'm very curious to see what the opinions about this kind of system is, does anyone have experience with it on other servers?
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