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  1. Hi I would to request trust for the Crossroads. Without you and TheBoar the place has become kinda ghostly. I would like to bring in villagers to  place at the water  front. Magasai donated the first one and after getting him through the portal and down on the ground I was unable to place a boat to finish the journey. He ran inside the inn there and I left him. If I could get permission I could get villagers there in a day or two no doubt.  Thanks for the consideration. 

    1. AlexPope


      If this could happen this would be great. In fact if we could get a significant amount of villagers at Crossroads, and if we could get a /Crossroads command, I think that would make Crossroads a lot more busy.

      Might even give me the motivation I need to finish the Art Gallery.

    2. ShawnBoucher


      I think some better signage at spawn would help. You go through the doors to the nether its the second exit on the yellow line. It would be cool to have a crossroads command rather than spawn tho. Most first timers want to jump from the lava tower and run about Gopher's build but after a week or two you find you visit Gopher's very rarely. Spawn has become the default trading zone because of the ease in getting there. But I would prefer crossroads. I think from now on I will only trade at crossroads :) 

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