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  1. Hi I would to request trust for the Crossroads. Without you and TheBoar the place has become kinda ghostly. I would like to bring in villagers to  place at the water  front. Magasai donated the first one and after getting him through the portal and down on the ground I was unable to place a boat to finish the journey. He ran inside the inn there and I left him. If I could get permission I could get villagers there in a day or two no doubt.  Thanks for the consideration. 

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    2. AlexPope


      Yeah, Crossroads has an enchanting table, and an inn to grab a pint, and could do with a potion station. So with these, got yourself a nice place to trade indeed.

    3. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      I'm surprised there's still an active claim there...

      I'll see what I can do when I have time but it would be better if I didn't have to log in once a month to keep the claims active. Better if someone else takes it.

    4. ShawnBoucher


      Awww but we miss you Louise. But no doubt you have far to much to do. At any rate maybe Rod or Cherub can sort it out. Thanks :)


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