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  1. Louise is posting YouTube links today. That is all. Apparently.

    1. Merp17


      I don't see any. Where are said links?


    2. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      A couple of threads I responded to yesterday.

      The 'Gopher's Tour of his Minecraft World'-one and a thread in the tech tips.

    3. Merp17


      Oh okay, just wondering. keep up the good work Amazing Minion knight

  2. Aaand Louise has an avatar again! *hype*

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    2. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      Community Reputation: 1001 gopherMinion

      That is a scone landed in the Mare Imbrium.


    3. Lum


      Whoop whoop, it's the sound of our Louise

    4. enigma21000


      Welcome back,you have been missed!

  3. The Forums are suddenly eerily quiet. :o

  4. OMG Jalapeño Y U do this to me?! :o

  5. Win 10 is... AWESOME! gopherVaultStiv

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    2. Darkfire


      Having a quick look at what you said, I'm presuming you mean this thingy? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install  Or if not one of these other methods I see posted. If so, will get right on testing that with my laptop later.


    3. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      Oh yes, worked excellent. Although I downloaded the ISO onto a USB. The first attempt using the normal update procedure ended up getting me the wrong language version... Although I suppose it was the right one considering I live abroad. <_<

    4. Darkfire


      Ah I see xD Yeah thats probably got something to do with it :P Does mean for me at least it will probably go relatively smoothly, thanks otherwise ^^ 

  6. 'Appy birthday to me...

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    2. ImNotLolzor



      I eh... totally... knew that you-


      FFS late happy birthday...




    3. JHORDEE


      GRATZ to you!!! Way too late but better late than never, as I always say!

    4. JxOneham
  7. Support the Kickstarter "Get Quarico out of Australia"!

    1. Darkfire
    2. Quarico


      *throws money at the screen* Am I out of here yet?

    3. Just Louise

      Just Louise

      Do you see kangaroos outside still?

  8. The spam must go on...

  9. My mariachi schnitzels! :(

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