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  1. Why? It's a mechanic within the game, not an exploit or cheat. The game allows players to kill other players, so how does it make sense to ban anyone who does just that?
  2. Honestly takes no time at all to update the client. The game does it for you, and keeps profiles for each update so you can go back and forth between them. It's a billion times easier than, say, adding mods to Skyrim.
  3. That's just part of the atmosphere. In Skyrim, you had draugr and dragons. In Cyberpunk 2077, you have swearing. It's part of the world itself. Having no one swear would break the immersion.
  4. It's a city full of degenerates that do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how risky. Swearing is a pretty handy outlet for dealing with something like that.
  5. It's embarrassing how terrible Fallout 4 is when you compare it to that. Even if the game gets a bit watered down for release, it'll still be much higher quality than Fallout 4. Just look at the amount of people on the streets. No loading screens either. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 has loading screens to get into a "city" of a dozen or so people.
  6. Kind of disappointed Gopher keeps avoiding Vigilant Tyranus. Leonard is a thief. You'd think he'd love a reason to enter an abandoned house to steal all the valuables and kill an unsuspecting Vigilant for his goods. Would even give him a "base of operations" within Markarth to operate out of, a safe place to run to if in trouble.
  7. I wish they'd stop making it so easy for the player to become overpowered. How on Nirn does the player go from being some nobody that a handful of Imperial soldiers were able to capture and nearly execute to being an unstoppable force of nature, and all in the span of a week or two? Starting in a prison cell, or in custody, is a nice way of giving the player a blank slate, but it's meaningless if you can from go zero to hero in just a few days. Would be better to give the player options for a backstory, and something similar to Live Another Life. It doesn't feel strange when, say, Geralt of Rivia takes out a dozen men and monsters in the blink of an eye because he's, well, Geralt.
  8. The sneaking seems a bit OP. If there weren't any followers, he would be able to sneak up on just about anyone while in the dark and do insane amounts of damage. He still gets caught when pickpocketing though, but that's a moot thing when he can just pay off guards and suffer no consequences. I thought a thief playthrough might be a bit more.. dangerous? It's only the first "season", and the only real danger to him are his loud followers, flying cockroaches, and lightning staves.
  9. It ran flawlessly, apparently, on an Intel i7-8700K 3.70Ghz CPU and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card. That's likely at the highest possible settings (it was 4k as well), given they wanted to impress those watching. I don't think the recommended or minimum specs are going to be too insane though, given the game is going to run on the current generation of consoles. The average gaming PC will probably be enough to run the game on decent settings at 1080p with good FPS.
  10. It sounds like it's going to be a living, breathing world. I have very little faith in Bethesda, but I really hope they can learn a thing or two from Cyberpunk 2077. It could only help them improve their games, especially Fallout 5. The way they describe NPCs interacting with each other is just nuts. It's like Radiant AI on steroids, especially with all the small, dynamic events. Someone on reddit who was able to view the demo also mentioned that the garbage is actually moved in the wind. So you knock over a trash can, the garbage spills out, and it gets blown all over the place. Small details like that really help make the world come alive.
  11. Yeah, it could be that. Or it could be this. I'm wondering why you're choosing to give Bethesda the benefit of the doubt when they've done nothing to deserve it. Did your "faith" lead you to expect a game like Fallout 4, or were you expecting something better? Because, for me, it's the latter. Definitely the latter. I expected Fallout: New Vegas 2.. because why would I not? That was the direction we all wanted the franchise to go in, ye? And they let us down. It's more than likely they will let us down again.
  12. They won't be MMOs, but they'll very likely have online elements. If that wasn't the case, he would have flat out said "No" when asked about it -- he didn't. He avoided a black and white answer.
  13. Arrogant

    E3 2018

    Not like this. They don't send someone out on stage, hype them up with a "beta", and then pull a bait and switch and put a pre-order requirement on it. People at Activision and Bungie got death threats over simple cosmetic items in Destiny 2, and here Bethesda is, being greedy as fuck, and people don't care. All people are talking about from E3 is Fallout 76, Starfield, and TESVI. That's it. Go look on reddit, Bethesda Game Studios alone has like 7 threads on the front page of /r/games. Bethesda always gets a pass with this type of thing. Always. You see people being pessimistic as shit about every other game, but nope, not Fallout 76. Yeah, there are a lot of disappointed fans, but for every one of them, there are 10 others saying, "Oh, it'll be fine. It'll be great. This is Bethesda, have some faith." Like that actually means anything. This is a company that outsources support for their own games to their consumers.
  14. He also said "It just works." The idea, for now, may be for Starfield to be another singleplayer game. But when it actually releases? No one knows. Even Todd didn't throw out the idea of it involving some form of online elements. If Fallout 76 sells well, it could very well be the new Bethesda format for their video games. Why bother trying something new if you were just going to cast it aside, even if it worked? Bethesda (and ZeniMax especially) loves money. Obviously, they're a company. I'm sure they were seeing how much money they were continuously making from games as a service (Elder Scrolls Online) and wondering how they could make that same sort of profit from their mainline games. It's only obvious they're going to try and monetize mods again. You have people paying $20 for an expansion they spent months, years working on.. and then getting even similarly sized mods for free off the Nexus. They say they like mods (would you ever expect them not to though? It'd be like a politician saying he hates babies), but I'm sure that hurts them. The best way for them to do that isn't to say, "Well, we now want to make money off your mods." No, it's to provide an excuse for why they need to. Like, I don't know.. the game being hosted on dedicated servers, and the Creation Club being the only way for them to allow mods. Suddenly, they aren't the "bad guys" anymore in the eyes of many people -- they're the good guys for "saving mods!" with the Creation Club.