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  1. Server Update

    I'm still in favor of replacing mods with data packs/command block scripts wherever possible. Less dependency on mods is always a good thing.
  2. The sollution to Gophers crowding issue?

    There really isn't any need for plugins or commands. The real solution is for Gopher to actually log in and play. There's another YouTuber out there called VintageBeef, and he opened up a new Minecraft server about a week ago. It's open to all his Patreon subscribers and he makes YouTube videos of himself playing on it, along with all his subs. There's no claim system either, just a group of moderators. You don't see people crowding around him. You don't see people always messaging him. You don't see people bothering him. Why? Because when he logs in, it's just a normal event. He's really just another player in that regard. When Gopher logs on Minion Land, it's treated like some special event. It's announced ahead of time, there's hype built up around it, you get people logging in who haven't in months/ever, he almost always streams it, etc.. the only thing missing are fireworks. That is the problem. That's why there's always a crowd.
  3. Server Update

    Don't think QuickTree is needed, as I'm sure there's likely a viable replacement that works in 1.12. Announce is in the same boat, replaceable by command blocks. ShopKeepers is available in 1.12.. but I'm not sure why we even need it. Custom villagers can be spawned with commands to achieve the same purpose. CrazyEnvoy (likely used for the supply crates in The End) isn't needed either. Something like WorldReset could do a more effective job. As for DragonDropElytra, I'd still rather see Elytra and Dragon Heads added to the Ender Dragon's loot table, along with even the Dragon Egg -- Elytra @ 100%, Dragon Head @ 100%, Dragon Egg at 25%. Lib's Disguises could be replaced by a 1.12 compatible mod as well, like iDisguise.
  4. How many of you still play Skyrim?

    Haven't played Skyrim in ages, but I am playing Morrowind. Maybe once Skywind is released, I'll decide to go back. But not until then.
  5. Gopher Dumbed Down : Map Markers

    Exactly. This is exactly what most people mean when they say TES (and Fallout) is being dumbed down. Everything Bethesda does to simplify their games is done in a way that removes complexity. Some of it is to our benefit, but a good number of it is good complexity (read: deep, not shallow). The removal of spellmaking, consequences, skills, etc.. Even the introduction of expansive voice acting and, in the case of Fallout 4, a voiced protagonist. There are so many meaningful conversations you have in Morrowind that simply couldn't work in any game since. Speaking with Vivec or Dagoth Ur absolutely required a complexity that's too expensive to afford when voice actors are introduced. And Bethesda is doing this for a very specific reason: dumbing down their games is profitable. They bring more people in by making things too simple than they lose by ditching the complexity from previous games. So why would they cater to both? Why would they spend time and money offering us choices when they can save time and money catering to the larger, more profitable side? This is why Fallout 4 was made by a team of just over 100 people while other AAA games are often developed by teams that are 3-5x larger. 10x larger in the case of The Witcher 3. Bethesda is cheap. Bethesda is lazy. Bethesda is greedy. We've been saying it all along, but few were ever willing to listen. They aren't going to change and their games are going to continue on the trend that's been set.
  6. I envisioned rewards for most of the advancements when I first suggested custom ones. XP would be great for a general reward, but some should certainly have unique rewards. Killing X number of mobs could grant you their head, for instance (another set of things that can be added just as easily as advancements).
  7. Oh yeah, definitely. Best not to hold your breath when it comes to updates, so to speak. I've been mining some ores to help out as well, but man. 25 more stacks just seems.. might take a while, mate.
  8. I wonder if we could get a timetable for when @Rodzyn thinks the server can be updated to 1.12. The yellow concrete would probably work very well as a substitute for the gold, and is far easier to collect.
  9. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    That would be nice, actually. I think Gopher would like it being near the Throne Room since the community can converge there before the celebration, and we already have a /warp point to it. And having room for storage so people can stash some extra supplies there for building with is a good idea too.
  10. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    It would be nice to create new builds for each holiday or special event, but builds often require quite a lot of resources. By making these builds temporary, you're allowing more people to donate the resources that might be needed than if you were to leave it all up permanently. Silverthorn was very gracious to let us use his claim for the cake, but it would be nice to have a designated build area that doesn't quite get in the way of others. Somewhere that Gopher can get used to visiting (so he doesn't get lost). Could even get a teleport command for those who join or return to the server and wish to join in, but seldom have the knowledge or resources to go where they need. That isn't to say it should be the only spot, of course. Lots of people have their own special builds (z's cake, BUNYAN and smartboy's snowman, etc..). But for people who wish to contribute to the celebration, but don't quite have the area for it or idea to implement, having a designed area where the community can come together, to help build, donate, or offer up ideas, would be wonderful.
  11. Anything planned for the Minionland Anniversary?

    I guess I'm a bit biased, but.. You guys remember the discussion that was had about Crossroads, and how it slowly became outdated because everyone was too afraid to tear down the old builds? The cake is great and all, but it's just a cake. It can be rebuilt, next year.
  12. You can use X, Y, and Z cords to map out a square or rectangle the player needs to enter for it to trigger, and you can have as many of them as you'd like to trigger the advancement. Since claims themselves work the same way, I don't think it'd be too big of an issue.
  13. They aren't just fixing things that annoy them. They're fixing actual issues with the game, which Bethesda ignores. That's just insane. To expect your consumers to do your job for you. Imagine if it worked that way in any other industry. Imagine if you were sold a brand new car with brakes that didn't work and the manufacturer just sent you a toolbox in the mail. At one point, they were a small studio and this was overlooked. But that isn't the case anymore. They're a large studio. They're releasing AAA games and making loads in profits because they're cheap. It just is not acceptable. Everything they've done so far is been to increase their profits -- profits that, historically, we've seen little benefit from. All the ports, the re-releases, the pai-- I mean curated content. What have they actually done to benefit their existing consumers? Have they been patching Skyrim? No. Fallout 4? No. Have they been releasing new DLC? No. Or free content for us to enjoy? No. Have they been hiring more talent? Doesn't look like it. And based on past experience, it also doesn't seem like they're working on a new engine. All of that should really make you question your faith in them. They're far more concerned with the money in your wallet than they are with how you actually experience their games. And yeah, I get it. They're a business, that's how they run. But guess what? We're consumers. Where businesses want to give us a little as possible for as much profit as possible, we should be expecting as much as possible for as little cost as possible. What we shouldn't be doing is settling for how things are. We should be demanding more. That's our role as consumers -- not to be business advocates.
  14. I did address those points. They didn't downgrade the graphics, but they overstated the game. It's an apples to apples comparison that highlights Bethesda clearly isn't above pulling the same shit other developers do. And yeah, those other developers do get shit for it. But just like with Bethesda, you will always have a segment of their consumer base that is completely faithful, regardless of what happens. Just because that happens doesn't mean it justifies defending Bethesda just the same. It means they should all be held to a higher standard.
  15. They didn't downgrade the graphics, but they did overstate what you could do in the game, and the quality of the game itself. "It just works." Remember that? Bethesda wants money from mods. They didn't release the Creation Kit for FO4 out of the goodness of their hearts. They released it as a moneymaking tool for them in the future, and as a selling point for the game. At this point, I would trust CD Project Red to make a better TES game than Bethesda, and I would still trust Obsidian to make a better Fallout game. That's pretty telling, I think.