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  1. Fallout: New Vegas is the go-to game for the Fallout/TES crowd, for sure. But KOTOR II is arguably most popular game. I was never too fond of Pillars of Eternity I & II or Tyranny, purely because I don't really play top-down CRPGs. They just never.. I dunno, worked for me. I tried with Baldur's Gate when I was younger, but I couldn't really get into it. Morrowind, on the other hand.. I skipped school to play that game. But Obsidian did a good job with those games. Pillars of Eternity I had quite a few flaws, but many were addressed with Pillars of Eternity II. And Tyranny is an incred
  2. I mean, it's an RPG. Yeah, you can finish it in a day. There are people who finish Skyrim in a day as well. But the entire point is to role-play, not speedrun.
  3. They need a new engine. There are limitations in the current engine that they can't fix without starting from scratch, things that will hold their games back compared to other games. https://np.reddit.com/r/ElderScrolls/comments/4os0fj/clearing_misconceptions_on_netimmerse_gamebryo/ They also need new talent. They've proven how utterly incompetent they are with each release. So many stupid things causing bugs and issues, mistakes that shouldn't have been made or should have been caught. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/a1k6mv/fyi_the_issues_with_bethesda_softworks_game
  4. DigitalFoundry, known for objectively evaluating the performance of video games, thinks otherwise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD2A0EPKxUc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9aLks0YUO4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09nYeO1lQiQ They're receiving that hate because they're supporting Bethesda's poor behavior. They're enabling them; they're the reason why games like Fallout 76 are released. This is capitalism. The only way to prevent bad products is to leverage the power you have with your wallet -- only it requires a collective effort to work out properly. And by
  5. Because you're enabling and supporting this behavior by Bethesda. You're saying that it's okay, through your wallet, for them to release broken games. Unwanted? Sure. Unwarranted? No, not at all. And constructive criticism was offered. During the beta. And was ignored. Go figure, ye? There's little point in offering valid feedback to someone that isn't listening. They didn't fix the core issues from Fallout 4. Why? Simple question, should have a simple answer. But we get nothing but silence. When Bethesda was asked about the FOV slider, they said it wasn't really possible to add beca
  6. But they clearly didn't listen. Why hold a beta if you're not going to fix anything? It's just laziness. Inexcusable laziness. Especially when you go back and watch Todd Howard try and sell it at E3. He hypes it up so much, and yet it's a complete and utter mess. "It's a Bethesda game, duh" is just an excuse for them. There need to be actual consequences for them pulling shit like this. Like no one buying their games until they sort this out. Why reward them for being lazy? If you give them $60 and then send them a message about how buggy or janky their game is, they don't care.
  7. You can have fun playing the game, but you're seriously in denial if you don't think it's a broken game. It has more issues than PUBG did at launch and it's far less polished than Fortnite despite having a $60 price tag. They didn't fix any of the core issues from Fallout 4 and so far the patches are all about the size of the game itself. They clearly do not know what they are doing, or they just don't care. I wouldn't be surprised at the latter, and that this is indeed just a cash grab using the Fallout title and past popularity of these types of games. Give the Digital Foundry
  8. Bethesda is an absolute joke. I mean.. yeah, they did. At E3. Todd Howard promised us a working game.
  9. Exactly. For everything else, you have the CC or Nexus (PC). If there will still be free mods on the CC, why would people choose to pay for Bethesda's cosmetic items? Like you said, DLC is one thing. That's a ton of content. But a reskin for your armor or weapon? Why pay $2 for that when you can get a better reskin for free?
  10. The microtransactions have me wondering about mod support later on. Bethesda was able to sell DLC because of the sheer amount of content it had. How are they going to sell cosmetics for $$$ when cosmetics of a similar, even higher quality are going to be available through mods?
  11. Why? It's a mechanic within the game, not an exploit or cheat. The game allows players to kill other players, so how does it make sense to ban anyone who does just that?
  12. Honestly takes no time at all to update the client. The game does it for you, and keeps profiles for each update so you can go back and forth between them. It's a billion times easier than, say, adding mods to Skyrim.
  13. That's just part of the atmosphere. In Skyrim, you had draugr and dragons. In Cyberpunk 2077, you have swearing. It's part of the world itself. Having no one swear would break the immersion.
  14. It's a city full of degenerates that do whatever it takes to survive, no matter how risky. Swearing is a pretty handy outlet for dealing with something like that.
  15. It's embarrassing how terrible Fallout 4 is when you compare it to that. Even if the game gets a bit watered down for release, it'll still be much higher quality than Fallout 4. Just look at the amount of people on the streets. No loading screens either. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 has loading screens to get into a "city" of a dozen or so people.
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