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  1. Has anyone had a chance to look at the rules yet? What are your thoughts?
  2. @Morrandir I imagined your avatar playing this music...
  3. Being a smuggler can happen at any era, there are literally millions of worlds with plenty of places to smuggle! Don't forget the galaxy is a big place, the various wars only take up a small fraction...and there are other galaxies...
  4. I like it! Traders are REALLY useful in Star Wars cos there's always a deal to made somewhere. Some aliens rubbish is another's precious relic Keep 'em peeled on here or the Star Wars topic and we'll see who's interested at the right time (it wont be till the new year, I want to use the Rogue One hype)
  5. You dont have to play a rebel in the rebel eras, or empire, or a jedi. Tell me your ideas and I'll make the game about you.
  6. I'm limiting it this time to 4 or 5 players max I learned my lesson...
  7. @Gokey @Philosophercat @TiDinzeo @Aj-M1A2X @TheLazyGrizzly @Gorzkiewski @JHORDEE Just in case you haven't seen this thread
  8. So far the vote is weighted for Old Republic which is nearly all Legends continuity and Jedi's all over the place. Not my favoured era but if the players want that then we'll see. Having said that I have no idea who has voted for what, so I'll have to ask my Pathfinder players first @TiDinzeo I don't want to lose you as a player so I'm happy to incorporate some of the Legends stuff
  9. The new Star Wars system is really easy. It has wacky dice with funny symbols instead of numbers, it's great. Here's the link to the rulebooks again: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f2r1jzei5i9xly8/AACxKGQs2NSv7-SGyLKqRL86a?dl=0
  10. Don't read too much, I wont be using much Extended Universe stuff
  11. Hi guys, I've created a new Topic for Star Wars.
  12. This is a new thread for a Star Wars game in the new year. It is currently open to my Pathfinder players first.
  13. Excellent, I'm not trying to be exclusionary, but I want to offer it as an alternative to my Pathfinder players first
  14. Ok, before anyone starts making characters I'll need to do some (lots) of sorting out what things will be available, what time period etc. Also there will be more of a limit on player numbers this time. This is only open to people who were on the Pathfinder game, unless we have too few players. Does anyone have preferences on the time period? Options include: Rise of the Empire Era (Clone Wars) - Force Sensitives would be available to play. Adventures probably tied in to the Clone Wars in some way. Rebellion Era 1 (Rebels - Rogue One) - Force Sensitives might be available with sufficient reasons. Adventures more open but with some tie ins to Rebellion Era 2 (Star Wars - Return of the Jedi) - Force Sensitives would not be available to play unless extremely good reasons New Republic Era (up to and including The Force Awakens) - Force Sensitives would be available with sufficient reasons Link to books: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f2r1jzei5i9xly8/AACxKGQs2NSv7-SGyLKqRL86a?dl=0
  15. I'm thinking the Star Wars Edge of the Empire system. I've used it before and it's really easy to use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Roleplaying_Game_(Fantasy_Flight_Games) I've got the books in pdf format if anyone wants them
  16. Hi Everybody, what are your thoughts on doing a Star Wars RP? My Star Wars glands are up due to the new Rogue One trailers and I'm thinking about running a game in either the Episode 7 or Rogue One timelines, probably something KOTOR/Firefly-ish with a crew on a ship or something. If not then Pathfinder can continue if you prefer. (Runs and ducks for cover)
  17. The hard part of having a G/DNPC is trying not to railroad the players too much or solve problems when the PCs get stuck. You need them to have a purpose but not take over anything. Also reading Stars Without Number, looks good so far.
  18. Hi Guys! I'm closer to being able to start something up again. Keep em peeled over the next month.
  19. Hi guys, still trying to find time for RP but I'm still very busy, hopefully if things pan out in the next week or so I'll have some time.
  20. Hi Guys, sorry I'm still scrambling to make any time at the moment. I've not abandoned the game, but it is on hold for the time being.
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