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  1. Actually I think it's ok to say the draken as the name is Draken Harald Hårfagre And the "Harald Hårfagre" part is for an old Norwegian king, the dragon part is because viking ships sometimes were referred to as dragons
  2. Ok, just seemed as if you were expressing your dislike for its downsides, and being a bit sarcastic Hard to tell for sure on the internet what someone really means
  3. Not saying everyone has to like it, but watching Kung Fury for the plot is like eating candy for the nutritional value =) It's more a celebration of the 80s and cheesy movies than a plot-based narrative
  4. If I recall correctly he not only has played Mass Effect, but also said it's among the games he's enjoyed the most. I certainly remember him talking about playing them at least, and I think he might even have mentioned being interested in doing a new playthrough, it's probably very far down on the priority list though, he's got a lot of other games to try that he hasn't played yet
  5. I think if you have the forums open in a tab you get a notification in Chrome without having an extension, I seem to recall that happening at least.
  6. It's up to him of course, I just think it could be interesting and fun to watch (Though a bit weird with Gopher's voice for two characters, so that's an argument for not doing it.) As far as I know the problem with Stiv is that it crashes in a certain area rather than it crashing always, but I could be wrong.
  7. Just realized something, wouldn't playing this be a perfect break from Fallout and a quick return to Skyrim for Gopher? (And for Stiv as well of course, Gopher playing this mod with any other character just wouldn't be right =) )
  8. For the next one New Year's stuff is the first to come to my mind at least
  9. Thanks for the heads up indeed. Only had a while to play yesterday, but it seems nice enough so far. And especially encouraging that PC doesn't seem like an after-thought like in so many games nowadays =) There were even a secondary key set up for using the arrow keys (Which is especially useful for me who is left-handed.)
  10. I see no reason to fear the comments And had you not said anything about not being finished I'd thought it was a stylistic choice ;)
  11. Some really nice stuff here, Gopher's got some talented minions :) Haven't had time to do something more advanced, but just for fun I Christmasified my Gopherized version of the Stiv logo =)
  12. I'm in the same boat, will have to see when I have the money for a new computer. Not worth paying for the game before I know I can play it. Will most likely get it eventually. Didn't get Fallout 3/NV until this year (Wasn't interested in Fallout until after having heard how hyped Gopher was for Fallout 4 which made me look into it a bit more. Am more into fantasy than post-apocalyptic.)
  13. I've not even had the time to watch Jack yet, but I'd still say hat.
  14. Hmm, having the video keep playing while you move from one topic to another would probably require quite a lot of work (just having a video play while you are watching one page in the forums shouldn't be too difficult, but since going to another place means that the page reloads I'm not even sure it's possible). I would suggest just open the video in a separate window, and put them side by side.
  15. Yeah, there's no reason to change a logo that's as established as the Stiv logo is. Using something else as an alternative/complement is another thing though
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