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  1. Yeah I'm actually kinda glad we don't have NBN in my area yet. Its ridiculous that I can get better speeds than most of my mates who actually have it, if they had just stuck with the original plan they wouldn't have wasted almost a decade and a ton of money on creating a worst system than we already had. Oh well heres hoping someone who actually knows what their doing comes along sometime in the future.
  2. My recommendation would be to take a look at SorcererDave, his playthroughs are generally heavily modded and he has serious trouble staying consistent with his uploads but his content is well worth the watch.
  3. Well excited would be an epic understatement. Everyday without it is agony!
  4. I've been using another mod called Better Foliage, I never inquired on whether it was allowed (I know not very good of me) but considering it is only an aesthetics mod I see no issues with it.
  5. Just wow Every time a start thinking my build is impressive something like this comes along and puts me in my place joking aside that's truly phenomenal, just incredible impressive. Out of simple curiosity what are its dimensions (height, width, length)
  6. Well there is always next year and at least you got some loots for yourself, and hopefully I can get some of my own loots next year!
  7. So disappointing I can't go this year . You must show us everything Quarico. EVERYTHING!! Well as much as you can anyway .
  8. The image of the giant Stiv logo what is it I must visit! You can open it up in something like Photoshop and then reduce the size I guess, I always just upload them to imgur first and then embed that into the post.
  9. @Damon Gant Saying that the MBTI is 'hardly scientific' is a bit harsh I think, it is built upon a pretty substantial scientific theory in psychology. But I totally agree with you on all other points.
  10. Looked into the MBTI back when I studied Psychology, while not always accurate it does provide a starting place to understanding an individuals personality. I'm a INPT myself
  11. I've always enjoyed Obsidian's games will most definently look into this.
  12. Nice to hear found someplace nice, uploading the screenshots through Imgur is your best option and don't worry about if the images aren't great at least they will give some idea of the terrain. When it comes to terraforming, basically anything within reason should be fine as long as your not flattening entire mountains for no reason. I actually believe someone around spawn is building a mountain so that would be fine as well.
  13. Was using Voxelmap but might change over, if I can be bothered that is =P
  14. Well that's just rude , have they built anything substantial yet? If not you might be able to convince them to move on.
  15. I feel so stupid I don't know where I got the Idea that you made it Just Louise, apologies to Xelphos'. (this would be the perfect time for a face-palm emote) Thank you for the kind offer Petrucio , but after discussing the Idea with a few other Minions they convinced me to delay the project for the time being, I will still do it some time in the future but not anytime soon.
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