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  1. Hey. 

    I read on the forum that Minionland seed can be downloaded. Is that true? How and from where?

    Kindly Lisbeth (Moren)

  2. Update completed! https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/18
  3. Since this topic already exist I'm just going to add this link to redmine news: https://redmine.gophersvids.com/news/17 TL;DR: I'm going to update the server to 1.12.2 on Saturday 14th.
  4. After Dom poked me on Discord few days ago, I started working on an update. Not giving any ETA but don't expect it withing next few weeks since I want to get everything tested, stable and prepared first. Just few clarifications, some plugins are not as prone to breaking on updates as others and don't need official update to work on new versions. wouldn't be surprised if DragonElytraDrop still worked but probably going to replace it with loot table edit anyway for more modern solution. All paid plugins on that list (except for libDisguises which has feature limited free version) have been paid for long time ago, they didn't just change the status. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/redstoneclockdetector.18475/ This is the redstone clock detector plugin we use. Not the paid one. It hasn't been updated but wouldn't be surprised if it still worked on 1.12. If it doesn't, it's not essential. We do use it but not as much as back when the server as in it's prime.
  5. Godaishu's farm is now in deactivated state, functioning as a museum.
  6. I could bring it back and leave it disabled. I mean, that's a big structure with a lot of transparent blocks (glass) and many textures so it will add up to fps drops. But if you feel like it should be there as museum. I don't mind, not like I'm visiting Crossroads myself much.
  7. Not really a right thread for this question but either way. Are you running 1.12 version of MC by any chance? The server is on 1.11.2 so you might have to make sure you've got that version selected.
  8. I've done that because I felt with new, better farms working, there's no need for God's farm to clutter Crossroads area. Why now and not earlier? Because I'm generally busy enough and only check on the server from technical side so only now it crossed my mind after new farm has been finished. What I don't like is how it just got all personal and political. I might not agree with NT on some things but here he's getting blamed for something I've done and he didn't even know about.
  9. First of all you guys seem to mix up terms 'lag' and 'framerate issue'. While it's not uncommon to refer to framerate issues as lag, it's only okay if you still realise the difference between server/network lag and drops in framerate. All the things mentioned here are framerate issues. No redstone contraptions rule doesn't really apply here as that's not the biggest problem and those rules were really meant to mostly fight off the server lag. That also answers @jeancly's question, even if it would be possible to focus more resources on those areas, which is not possible, it still wouldn't achieve anything as there is no lag. The problem doesn't lie in server's resources, it lies in player's PC's resources or rather Minecraft's inability to use those resources efficiently. The only thing we can really do is revise certain sections of the map and tried to optimise them, simplify them, remove unnecessary decorations, reduce amounts of item frames, armour stands, signs and so on. Pretty much what Jeancly had to do with the World Tree back when the FPS was even worse than it is now.
  10. I considered that a long time ago actually. Long before you guys created Ministry of Transport by yourselves I had an idea to ask some people if they'd like to be part of a group like that and have a title. In the end I came to the same conclusions. NT's title has already caused confusion to some players taking him for a Mod and clutters the chat. It's fine as long as it's just one person but considering MoT involves quite a few players who are also very active. It would make the chat far less readable. Alternatively I could make it so the group appears as Ministry of Transport in the /list command output but have no chat prefix. Would make MoT somehow stand out without chat clutter.
  11. Well, the chat is a bridge between game and IRC so same rules apply. You can just chat away with people like you were in game and follow general Gopher rules.
  12. Bonus fact: There's also #gophersvids channel for general chat (not like it's relevant since Discord is much better for it.)
  13. I removed the need for Voice for now. Getting your name registered with Nickserv is still a good thing to do but asking for voice is not necessary. At least for now, it might change in the future if needed. Nevermind, probably better if Voice is required.
  14. Chunks are vertical slices. Each chunk is 16x16 blocks from bedrock to sky limit.
  15. So I just looked at current snapshot of ZHorse plugin. It's not a release yet so I'm not going to use it yet (had to make small fixes to the code to even compile it). What it does is introduces completely new way of tracking and storing horse data. Instead of current way of keeping only location of a horse and then finding it (which often results in plugin not finding a horse for some reason giving you that sad message), it will keep ALL data about a horse (stats, colour, location, inventory etc.) and if chunk the horse is on unloads, it will remove the horse. When the chunk loads again, it spawns new horse from memory. Additionally in case something bad still happens, I should be able to manually lookup database to see the stats myself. Don't know when exactly proper release will happen, author says he's very busy atm so it might take a while but if everything goes well, it should solve that problem once and for all.
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