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  1. I don't get even free games from EGS, haven't signed up with them, won't sign up with them no matter what game they have an exclusivity deal for. their so called battle against steam is a farce, they want to replace steam not compete with it, and when two leading companies in an industry go head on against each other it is the smaller ones that suffer and go out of business, and then those large companies seeing as they are damaging each other strike a deal and then run around doing whatever they want because all other competition has been run out of business.
  2. Gopher's let's play of VTM-Bloodlines Wouldn't mind Gopher doing a Nosferatu playthrough till VTM-Bloodlines 2 is released though
  3. I don't remember whether it was installed on Windows 7 as well, but if it was it can probably be found in the start menu
  4. The MS launcher comes preloaded with Windows 10. It can be found in the start menu where it says xbox (weird, I know)
  5. TOW will probably be the first game I buy from the Windows Store.
  6. recent activity has been moved to a separate tab at the top of the page.
  7. another thing, there are so many people literally begging for a remaster of fo3 and fnv, and you can't get any more wanting more of the same than that.
  8. that would be the case with ubisoft releasing a new Assassin's Creed game every year in the past for example, but BGS makes a new game every 3-4 years, that is long enough for people to want more of the same in updated technology with some tweaks to gameplay included.
  9. The steam version works like a separate game and can be modded only manually or via steam workshop. NMM doesn't recognise it and I presume neither does MO. But on the bright side you can now play skyrim (oldrim) even if you have enderal installed.
  10. Gopher is probably still being driven up the wall by Youtube
  11. Some see video games as art, Eastshade is truly a work of art, literally. Highly recommend it to those who just love exploring a beautiful game world to the sound of beautiful music
  12. what does that have to do with exclusivity though? currently the game is unavailable on any online digital pc games store other than the epic games store while games sold on steam can also be bought from other stores and activated on steam if the game is using steam DRM. 30% is the cut that Microsoft and Sony also take from sales of third party games being sold on their platform, it is an established industry standard.
  13. while I can understand a publisher keeping a game exclusive to its own store, I may not like it but I can understand it, I do not understand a store bribing a publisher to keep their game exclusive to that store. While no one really argued against epic keeping fortnite exclusive to the epic games store, it is their game, taking a game like Metro Exodus, which they played no part in the development and funding of, is just unacceptable. Even when a game used Steam DRM the game was always available for sale on other stores as well. Plus, if steam and epic decide to go on an exclusivity war they will be pushing all other stores that sell third party digital pc games out of the market. This does not bode well. I just hope that Steam has the common sense not to fight fire with fire.
  14. I would appreciate 2018 as a great year for gaming, if I owned a ps4, but suffice to say, bethy broke my heart
  15. I have several games on GOG (and Steam) that I have yet to play. SOMA is definitely a great catch, though it created an existential crises for me when I played it, some really thought provoking stuff in that game.
  16. SOMA is currently being given away for free on GoG https://www.gog.com/game/soma If you have not played this game I would seriously recommend getting it. While naturally some people may not like survival horror games the game has a Safe mode that will allow you to experience the narrative without having to worry about the survival horror gameplay. The game, imo, has one of the best story arcs I have seen in any game to date, so I highly recommend getting this game, especially as it is currently free. ps: here's Gopher's let's play series on SOMA:
  17. he was delivering a horn to the Talos shrine ps: who else rewinded the footage to where Inigo was running to watch it again while humming the Benny Hill theme song after Gopher did it?
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