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    New Minion


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  • Well-Known Minion

    Well-Known Minion

  • Minion Follower

    Minion Follower

  • Sacrificed Minion

    Sacrificed Minion

  • Resurrected Minion

    Resurrected Minion

  • Minion Knight

    Minion Knight

  • Minion Archer

    Minion Archer

  • Minion Mage

    Minion Mage

  • Minion Adventure

    Minion Adventure

    Not yet earned

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Minion

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Minion

    Not yet earned

  • Minion Shovel Bearer

    Minion Shovel Bearer

    Not yet earned

  • Minion Settler

    Minion Settler

    Not yet earned

  • Minion Provisioner

    Minion Provisioner

    Not yet earned

  • Bill’s Bone Polisher 3500

    Bill’s Bone Polisher 3500

    Not yet earned

  • Jack’s Gun Shiner

    Jack’s Gun Shiner

    Not yet earned

  • Jack’s Whisky Maker

    Jack’s Whisky Maker

    Not yet earned

  • Loot-Hoarder Minion

    Loot-Hoarder Minion

    Not yet earned

  •  Thrust-Master


    Not yet earned

  • WTF


    Not yet earned

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