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  2. Dear EA : Pink is the new Black

    ^^ I blame Gage
  3. Dear EA : Pink is the new Black

    Star Wars new theme song
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  5. Gopher Dumbed Down : Map Markers

    TES IV:Oblivion had map markers for those who wanted to use them, had a comprehensive and pretty detailed journal for those who didn't.
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  7. Barry's Back!

    Here's Barry!
  8. being able to get items for free is part of the scam, you grind with the hope of getting a special item for free, the more you grind and don't manage to drop a special item the more frustrated you become, and then suddenly paying money for a loot box starts becoming more appealing to you, so you buy one, if you don't get anything special you buy another one, then another one, before you know it you could be spending more on those loot boxes than you would on an AAA game with all its DLC. That is the only reason you can potentially get the item for free, but the odds are usually so low that it entices you to pay money to raise the odds. PS: they are more like scratchcards than those pokemon cards etc. pps: and trading physical cards is an integral part of the system, you have a card your friend doesn't have, you can trade cards with your friend (it is all part of the experience), I do not see items from loot boxes being part of such a trade system any time soon.
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  11. and they're selling it for the price of a console?
  12. SKSE64 SE Help

    sorry I couldn't be of more help. may be some issues not directly related to the game, I'm sure that others here with more technical knowledge than I will be able to provide more suggestions.
  13. SKSE64 SE Help

    blame the guys that made it for that (the file is called skse64_loader.exe)