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  1. so combat is going to be in first person? Is it out for pre-order yet?
  2. online element does not have to be directly related to gameplay elements. For example FO4 could have had an online element where it allowed you to invite a friend to tour your settlement, this would have had zero impact on gameplay but would have still been an online element in the game.
  3. btw, private worlds, isn't that what Minecraft Realms calls itself?
  4. Morrandir

    Watch E3 with Gopher

    It's a definite no buy for me, especially with forced pvp, and I own every game Beth made since Arena. I may buy RAGE2 though if it is single player.
  5. Fallout Shelter 3D Online
  6. Morrandir

    RIP Total Biscuit

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  8. Morrandir

    Did you know. Steam game delete cleans out your saves?

    it could be recognising a save folder in another location as your game save files folder, this can happen if you are using one drive for example. It could be due to one of the recent windows 10 updates (if you are using windows) or if you played around with your one drive settings. for example my save files were located under one drive, which annoyed me so I backed up my save files and deleted the documents/my games files under one drive. steam then started using the my games folder directly under the documents file within the users directory instead of the one drive file. your saves are probably still there but steam may be using a different directory to the one it used before to look up save files. ps: make a new save and look for where that save file ends up. If the situation is like I said then manually transferring your old save files to the new folder that steam has allocated for game saves will fix the problem and you will be able to boot up your old saves.
  9. Morrandir


  10. "I'm not going to kill you I'm going to use you"
  11. the thieves guild has connections with the DB, they are business partners of sorts, I don't think that the thieves guild would be supportive of one of their members trying to wipe them out. the dependency on randomness that can be seen in skyrim sometimes creates contradictions, for example the DB should not be sending assassins after a member of the thieves guild. I think that it would be better and more lore friendly to just use a mod to stop db assassination attempts if you have a character who is a member of the thieves guild rather than trying to wipe out the DB.
  12. Lenny should pay a little old lady in Riften a visit
  13. Inigo was adopted at a very young age, along with his brother fergus by an argonian father and khajiit mother, they were not a conventional family ps: they also did not grow up in a khajiit society. pps: Lenny was too busy getting himself into endless trouble in solitude to explore it properly.
  14. they all used to be adventurers before getting shot by an arrow in the knee, guess who was doing the shooting...