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  1. Dayyum, this made me cry 😭
  2. I don't get even free games from EGS, haven't signed up with them, won't sign up with them no matter what game they have an exclusivity deal for. their so called battle against steam is a farce, they want to replace steam not compete with it, and when two leading companies in an industry go head on against each other it is the smaller ones that suffer and go out of business, and then those large companies seeing as they are damaging each other strike a deal and then run around doing whatever they want because all other competition has been run out of business.
  3. Gopher's let's play of VTM-Bloodlines Wouldn't mind Gopher doing a Nosferatu playthrough till VTM-Bloodlines 2 is released though
  4. I don't remember whether it was installed on Windows 7 as well, but if it was it can probably be found in the start menu
  5. The MS launcher comes preloaded with Windows 10. It can be found in the start menu where it says xbox (weird, I know)
  6. TOW will probably be the first game I buy from the Windows Store.
  7. another thing, there are so many people literally begging for a remaster of fo3 and fnv, and you can't get any more wanting more of the same than that.
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