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  1. Damnit. He saw through the whole noodlecup thing, didn't he? CURSES!
  2. O: WAT. I welcome thee with arms wide-spread, fellow owl-person!
  3. Leif! Like Leif Erikson. Leif Baconson. Yes. Of course.
  4. I find that horribly satisfying!
  5. I'm glad at least someone remembers the owls
  6. Aj-M1A2X


    Dalitas sometimes reminds me of myself in muh younger more annoying days. Except less annoying.
  7. Aj-M1A2X


    They're here to make the site look more professional and stuff.
  8. Huh. I honestly don't know what to say Well, enjoy your retirement!
  9. Garak is the definition of chaotic neutral, imo.
  10. Ghouls tend to prefer human flesh, though technically any meat should suffice; fresh? Not really, they often grave dig to get their food. Also, since many ghouls are feral, and they are also undead, it's a good idea to have a orc-ferocity-esque trait, where if you reach 0 hp, you go feral instead of dying, and gain certain buffs, but then afterwards you are "starved" and need to eat a lot of meat to get back up. Ghouls also have a natural claw attack, with which they have a chance to turn others into ghouls (read up on ghoul fever). The save against that should be fort save equal t
  11. This is a specific game thread, so you probably want to use the pinned thread, or make your own thread. Anyway, on to your question: The easiest way is to make a new "ghoul" race, or to simple apply all the effects ghouls have as traits (including undead traits, which are listed here http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/undead ignore the features, those would be up to your class). Keep in mind ghouls need to eat flesh in order to not decompose, in the lore, kind of like flesh-vampires. You would need to think of some system to make that work. In the game I play in a
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