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  1. My head is waaaay too big Maybe I can just... put the wig on the neck stump until the head gets back to me :DD
  2. I bought a miniature wig. Now I want to see how it looks on my 70cm tall doll, but it's still on the way and the doll's head is being sent off to get its head painted. DOLLS
  3. Some Elder Scrolls Online stuff, since we've been playing that with friends.
  4. Figured there should be something just in case. I can't keep up with all the gender pronoun stuff going on, and having them more specific seems irrelevant for the sake of something like this...
  5. In the latest posted minecraft stream Gopher mentioned curiosity towards the gender demographics of his watchers/people who frequent the forums. Being kind of curious myself, I made a quick strawpoll for it. Let's see how it turns out. You can see just the results here.
  6. Here's my favorites of the ones I've taken. I occasionally post more here
  7. I made these... Is it a bug or a feature? Yes.
  8. Vermintide looks cool - something I'll definitely want to look for with the aesthetics, but probably not my kind of game.
  9. I'm not sure where, either. I mean, the miniatures would make it work as a community thread, but because it's technically a tabletop game, it would fit here too? I'm fine with it being wherever/getting it transferred, though. Huh. I guess so. I haven't been very active yet, so I guess it's more about not feeling quite in the hobby yet. I'm looking forward to getting actually playing, but don't want to get miniatures faster than I can paint them... and my choice of orks means I'll probably need quite a lot of them. Also I don't want ones painted by others so... it'll be a while XD I'm looking forward to gettign to the rules and the lore as I aquire more minitatures. I already have a very-very basic understanding of the gist of it and the general races and so on (many friends are fans), but would love to get more into it myself, as well. Preferaböy starting with the orks, haha XD You have quite a few more than me, at least! And a variety, too. I've heard a lot of good things about sisters of battle, too. I hope you'll be able to find them eventually! Most places with warhammer in my area can order missing things without extra added cost. Maybe your area has a similar policy? Either way, I'd love to see images. Makes me more motivated to keep on working at it,too! XD
  10. I suppose this technically is in the correct area? I'm not quuite in the hobby yet, but am making my way there slowly. So far I only got a couple of Ork Boyz and no rulebook or anything. Painting has been nice, though! Would love to hear from people in the forum, what kind of armies they have and so on. Photos would be nice, too! These are by Boyz. Just painted them! If you have feedback, I'd love to hear. I'll try to post pictures here and on my flickr when I paint more things.
  11. Ah well. I can still manually use the bits I remember. The forum's inbuilt tools will just be unused in my case. Thanks for clearing it up anyway!
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