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  1. I hope we get a Quarico theme slogan for the Gopher store in the future. Like 4/5 Quarico's recommend having an Explosive good time. Now put that on a t-shirt and sell it!

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      I want a mug that says "then do it QUIETLY"

    4. Master Cire

      Master Cire

      That will sell like Wooden Blocks in Fallout 4.

  2. Quarico

    Hello ^_^

    Welcome! Plenty of wonderful like-minded people here. Biased? Me? Never....
  3. In the Info channel it says how to join the channels.
  4. An AI in the body of a furry rodent. That's why he uses a one-handed keyboard, because his little paws don't work on regular keyboards.
  5. Day Three and the final day of PAX AUSTRALIA is complete. Truthfully, for me it was complete at a little after 3pm my time because I was completely exhausted and in so mucb pain. I came back to my hotel and genuinely crashed for a few hours before forcing myself to get food. I napped so hard. It was all worth it though. I didn't do much today. Bought a couple of things and then went to the Jesse Cox signing. He's a lovey man. I might be working on a crush. I completely called out @Gopherby telling Jesse Gopher wouldn't come to Australia as he's scared of the wildlife. Then I asked him to sign the Stiv logo shirt. Which he happily did. Then I went back to my hotel. That's this year done! My 4th PAX AUS in the bag. Speaking of bags, I completely stressed out when packing tonight because I have way less room and way more loot than I realised. I think I'll be okay at the airport in the morning. Here's hoping! Thank you for following along and supporting me through this. I love sharing with you guys. You're awesome.
  6. Okay so my filming so far is very limited. I should have done it on the first day. I'm exhausted already. I'll keep trying.
  7. I'll try to order my thoughts into a post about it once I get home. Typing on a phone is awkward.
  8. I was going to skip it this year because I wasn't sure there was any interest but sure! I'll grab my gimbal for today and do some filming. I'll have to edit that footage together though so it won't be released until I get home. Should have it done in a couple of days.
  9. Okay so Jesse Cox's talk was spectacular. I've never felt so Australian. He was hilarious, adorable and an amazing entertainer. People gave him Aussie snacks and beers. He tried some. We cheered. We yelled instructions. It was rowdy and SO MUCH FUN. I forgot to continue cringing about how I'd acted around him earlier today. I'm exhausted so will try to get some sleep in preparation for the final day of PAX Australia tomorrow. Going to actually get around to playing those indie games tomorrow! And of course, here is today's loot haul video.
  10. Day Two is not quite over, but as I'm sitting in a queue an over an hour early to see Jesse Cox (and the line is big already!), I thought I'd start the report. Though there isn't really too much today. I went straight for merch and spent an embarrassing amount. I'll show off my haul in the video later. You'll see I have a t-shirt problem. I went to a panel about morality in video games. Where it began and how it's progressed. That was very interesting. I mostly went to hear David Gaider speak because I love his work. He's a writer and worked for Bioware before moving on. He wrote for Baulder's Gate, KOTOR and the Dragon Age series just to name a few. I really wanted to just shake his hand and thank him for his work and I got to do that after the panel which was great. After a bit of a wander and some lunch, it was the Jackbox games panel I'd been looking forward to since the one I attended last year...and it was almost a total bust. The audience could barely connect and even the panelists got booted out of their game a couple of times. It was a real shame. Everyone handled it well though. Then I saw Jesse Cox talking to some pax go-ers just outside the theatre and I desperately wanted to say hi and get pic. I did, but I was so awkward that I just want to crawl into a hole and never show my face again! I didn't expect to see him there so I wasn't "prepared" with what I wanted to say. So I just said the stupid love your vids thing. Of course here I am though. Sitting close to the front of the line to go see him in an hour. He was such a sweetheart and came out to see thise of us mad enough to queue so early. I stayed right where I was in my spot in the line. I wasn't about to embarrass myself twice. I'll give a quick update and link to my loot video once back at my hotel. Thanks for putting up with me guys. You all rock.
  11. Day One of PAX Aus 2017 is over and what an amazing day it was! My brother, nephew and I headed over to the Exhibition Centre at around 9:30am. Pax opens at 10am so we did our usual routine of walking around and exploring. The big gaming names don't seem to have much of a presence this year but to be blunt, I couldn't care less. This year's indie section, Pax Rising, is HUGE. There are so many great looking games. We chatted to a few devs who were just lovely. My brother and I plan to play as many as we can tomorrow. VR has a massive presence this year, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately it's not something I can partake in due to vision and nausea issues so I didn't pay much attention. I only went to two panel today, but they took up the entire afternoon and evening for reasons I'll explain in a moment. The first panel was about sound design in games. It was interesting to listen to the panelists experiences and opinions. I'd hoped we'd get to hear examples but it was just the panelists talking. Still, quite good. And then came the Acquisitions Incorporated "panel". For those who don't know, Acq Inc is a long running Penny Arcade live D&D game. It's hilarious and so well done. This is the first year they brought it to Pax Aus and I have been so hyped since the announcement. Knowing it was going to be hugely popular, I started hanging around the queue area THREE HOURS before the scheduled start, and there were a heap of us! I was no where near first, but my brother, nephew and I got great seats. It was a Star Wars themed game and I haven't laughed, cheered and clapped so hard and so much in so long. It was BRILLIANT! It was streamed on Twitch, so I highly recommend checking it out. I filmed a loot video you can check out if you like. I was shocked at what I got today! Right now, I'm going to finish off this chocolate as I lie on the couch of my room and look out over the sparkling Melbourne nighttime lights, then I'm going to crawl into bed and get ready for Day 2!
  12. I know! And I did it twice! I should know better than to let my brother hold my phone since he knows how to unlock it.
  13. Hi guys! So tomorrow I head off to Melbourne ready for my 4th year of PAX AUS. I'm incredibly excited, naturally. This has become my big annual holiday and I love it. As with the past couple of years, I thought I'd document my adventures at the end of each day, in case anyone is interested. I'll be filming loot haul videos each night and posting them to my youtube channel and I'll link them here. If you want to be flooded with pictures and random tweets throughout my day, feel free to follow me on Twitter. "Quarico" there too. I also just want to take a moment to thank @Gopher for helping me build my confidence over the years to the point where I really get the most out of these conventions because I'm not afraid to go up to someone and ask them about their game or product. Hopefully I'll come back with some game codes for people this year too! I love being part of such an awesome community. Thanks guys.
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  15. One week until PAX AUS 2017!

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    2. Quarico


      I plan on filming as much as I can. There will definitely be loot videos each night. So excited!

    3. Cryzeteur


      Wish I could attend. I love tech conventions and gaming is even better.

    4. Cryzeteur


      I like the 10:30 PM Bethesda Pub Crawl on Saturday...:P

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