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  1. So, hi... I'm DarkPhoenixNinja92 and I record Let's Plays for Youtube and I just joined a few minutes ago. So, what else to say about me? I enjoy playing mostly RPGs (The game genre, not the missile launcher (my dad made that joke at dinner once and I felt I should pass it on)), strategy games, some Indie titles, Horror games, some older action games, some I can't really categorize (the old Harry Potter movie license games among others) and the very very very VERY occasional shooter (if you ask me if I play Call of Duty or Battlefield, I will hurt you. Badly.), mostly Borderlands 2. I mostly read fantasy and sci-fi books with some straight up fiction. I have written a few AARs on another forum for Crusader Kings 2 and Kaiserreich as well as an in-character journal for a character in Skyrim. Not much else to tell, really. I am currently playing mostly strategy games (Crusader Kings 2, XCom Enemy Unknown, etc.) as I am on a break from Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas with me coming back to Morrowind from time to time. I mostly decided to join this forum to hopefully have some more people to talk about my hobbies with since my dad things people who do Let's Plays are a bunch of oddballs. My only other reason was to hopefully find a few people to do a mp game with from time to time. Thanks for reading my introduction. If you made it all the way through, well done. I certainly didn't make it short.
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