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  1. Wow, lots of "new" stuff I have to discover since I last played the game (was a couple years ago).
  2. If it is similar to most games where I play on NA servers from germany, then you have about 200ms ping, which is totally fine for a game like minecraft.
  3. I just want to dig my nicely hidden ECHO CAVE (reference to ESO for those of us who remember that game), but it will be very deep!
  4. To all lost ESO souls, as you may know, the first DLC after ESO went buy to play came out 3 weeks ago. This is the perfect time to come back for a while and enjoy some of the new content together with us who still play since the start! Even though this update is more PVP heavy, there is still much to do even if you don't enjoy the PVP part of the game, like the new very challenging dungeons, for example. Come back and join us for exploring the creepy sewers below the Imperial City, killing new enemies with interesting mechanics, while other players might wait to be killed after the next corner, or join us for the fast-paced street PVP action in the Imperial Districts on top. If you have some free time to get rid of, this is an extremely fun way to do it! Come back, you lost souls, we need you! Ecceau
  5. Got it finally downloaded yesterday as well... I am a total newb though. Started an online character today and I like the overall feel of being in the world of gta with other players... we should try to do some stuff together soon ...is it now working for you, schmidy?
  6. One of my favourite features of the game is that I can experience the elder scrolls universe, its awesome dungeons and delves, and a huge pvp map together with friends. Even though the leveling process is basically a themepark, some parts of the game feel sandboxy. Especially in 1.6/2.0 we now have more options to be viable at endgame, which adds a lot to the urge of trying out new things, like different skill combos and/or gear layouts. But I think the most enjoyable feature for me is everything regarding how combat works in this game (except for the lag we EU players get sometimes on the NA server of course).
  7. I prefer a matte tabard on shiny armor... because it transports the correct feel of cloth/soft material on metal/hard material ...the shiny tabard has more of a synthetic feel to me...
  8. I thought the same for a while, but after some testing today, my main doesn't feel much weaker to be honest. I got 14.3k singletarget DPS on my DK, and that with only 70 champion points and all attributes into health (since its my tank): I have yet to test everything in trials and DSA though... they will be pretty tough now due to the overall harder hitting mobs and bosses I think.
  9. Hey, thanks for the work on the tabards, Jan! ...what would you think about the green one on the matt background with some light white framing? What I have in mind is not a continuous line on the boundary as before, but something like this:
  10. Hi everyone, I have posted our weekly guild event on Saturdays at 8:30 pm CET in the events thread (Sorry for updating it after approval, just corrected a typo and now it is waiting for approval again ). I am looking forward to seeing all of our new faces (and the old ones of course) tomorrow!
  11. Just amazing so far. A lot of new fun skills and many changes favoring stamina builds. Also some great new convenience systems like the collectibles menu, where you can switch out your horses on the go, while the horse skills now are riding skills of your character and the different horses are shared among characters ;-) ...two of the biggest immediate changes to the actual feel of the game are the new animations for sneaking and weapon stances, and clearly the justice system. It feels so more Skyrimy, when you break into houses, sneak around in there and sell the stuff in thieves guild like enclaves.... not to speak of the champion system which is sth I didnt really dig into so far due to all the other stuff (and I only had about 1h ingame last night since the download took me about 4h) ^^ ...you all need to test this by yourselves! P.S.: If you have time to read a lot, here are the extensive patch notes: http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/148159/pts-patch-notes-v1-6
  12. I thought I should update my character overview, since it has changed a lot during the last months Ec'oh: VR14 Dragonknight Tank/DPS (Werewolf, DC) This is currently my main character I do all the endgame content with. I've hit max level with him only some weeks before christmas, and I had really good time doing veteran dungeons and trials since then. Especially the daily dungeon pledges are a lot of fun. One boss in each veteran dungeon has a (pretty low) chance to drop a unique helmet that is part of the new undaunted 2-piece gear sets, which have really cool set bonuses. Here is an example of a full set that I use when tanking: Tip: For those who don't want to fix their role yet, or want to be able to switch around even at max level (like me between tanking and DPS), one of Wykkyd's addons ('outfitter') allows to switch between gear and skill sets with one click. Since my dragonknights DPS is based on magicka while he needs more health when tanking, I've spent the attribute points and enchanted my gear in such a way that I can get the right numbers (softcap magic when DPS and softcap health when tanking) just by switching out gear. I am not sure how this will work out after update 6 is out though, since the softcaps will be removed and also damage by bosses will be increased. My other characters: El'ioth: VR13 Sorceress (stamina based DPS, DC) Ec'hidd: VR12 Nightblade (magic based DPS, DC) Ecc'hael: VR1 Templar (healer, DC) Ecchoh: VR1 Dragonknight (crafter, AD) El'iyoth: Level 27 Nightblade (stamina based, provisioner, DC) Elenoire: Level 9 Templar (stamina based DPS, DC) Now I am curious what you guys are running. I've seen many in AD recently, is this a trend?
  13. Yeah, there are quite a few useful ones, but some (like Skyshards, Lost Treasure, destinations etc.) may ruin the experience of exploration for you. If you use them I suggest to turn them off for your first character or when questing by your own to not get distracted too much . Moreover, for the purpose of removing distractions, mods like Wykkyds immersion and Clarity help a lot due to their ability to toggle certain interface elements.
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