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  1. Well, this is still a thing
  2. Well, I've signed up for medical school! Also you know this thread is turning way too sane when people are talking about graduation
  3. And here I am, an entire month after being tagged, welcoming you. Have fun, enjoy your stay, because you sure as hell won't be leaving this place!
  4. late as always, aren't I? I speak Luxembourgish (actual language, google it), German, French, English and am learning Russian.
  5. 110% accurate self portrait why is this a thing
  6. Insanity Insanity never changes
  7. Heard of this great recipe called "3 Minute Microwave Pizza" , you should try it too!
  8. I uh... I made it into the new year. Finally. After four months. Must be those timezones amiright guys? totally not me being late to every single event in the history of events
  10. In case anyone's been wondering https://soundcloud.com/imnotlolzor/echo This is what I did while I wasn't here.
  11. Dunno if it counts but currently watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. (Yes I'm a bit late to the party)
  12. Who dares disturb my not-activness?! Ohi btw
  13. 'xcuse me, did you say something?
  14. Aye. Just been busy. Did I miss anything? Any riots, any overthrows, any assassinations from the owls or whatever the other party was?
  15. I have returned... again. Anyways, late happy new year people.
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