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  1. Welcome! There's a few of us old geezers 'round here. I have been playing video games for close to 40 years and used to play a 'Pong' type game system before my dad bought us an Atari 2600 in '80. Jackal
  2. Welcome! The inmates run this asylum. I'm just here for the free classes. I heard we will be learning to work with wicker next week . :D
  3. Welcome! Don't worry not everyone is nuts around here. I for one, am completely 100% SANE... I have a note from my shrink that says so. Jackal
  4. eBay is a good place to buy software. A lot of the software can be had brand new at a big discount. That's, if you don't mind buying a program that's a couple of years old. Jackal
  5. Greetings and late welcome. Jackal
  6. Late welcome and greetings. Jackal
  7. Greetings and welcome. I don't have a large and funny jpeg to offer. Mostly, because I've been knocking down beers and can't be arsed! Jackal
  8. Welcome! A cat with a fez... nice! Jackal
  9. " i'm a lazy sod" The Sex Pistols said the same thing in 1977. lol Sorry, I'm just old... welcome. Jackal
  10. Sorry, a bit late on the welcome (new myself, plus working on several Witcher 2 mods). Everyone in these parts seems to be most excellent. Jackal
  11. Welcome ronnie, I'm pretty new around here myself, but everyone seems to be most pleasant. Jackal
  12. Sorry to hear about your health issues. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Jackal
  13. I finished my dice mod and tested it out. All the diffuse, specular and normal maps were made from scratch. It was a shame I used an older save to test, I was winning a lot of Orens. As the response to my idea here has been a bit um... underwhelming (no big deal, I was warned ) I decided to upload it to the Witcher2 Nexus, earlier today. Just look for "New Dice", if interested. Jackal
  14. But wouldn't offering exclusive mods bring more Minions to the forums and even get more people interested in joining? As far as my mods go, the idea isn't to get opinions on my work. On the contrary. This idea is give other modders a place to donate a small mod if they choose, or get some feedback on early versions they've created. Maybe there's a few budding Minion modders just starting out, afraid to release their mods on a large scale, thinking they might get ridiculed or trolled. Here they can get constructive criticism and ideas. Support from the community, so to speak. Another reason to post mods here: in my case I made an add-on to another author's mod. It was a FalloutNV mod that ironically, Gopher uses in his playthru. Ha! But me and the original mod author had a disagreement. So I decided not to release my add-on. Now that mod is gathering dust on my hard drive. Something else to add. A side benefit could be a sharing of knowledge, tips and tricks. Maybe a link to handy modding tools. As far as unfinished and unpolished, like I stated above, I've been a modding a long time. A modder doesn't get a good reputation by producing broken crap. I take a great deal of pride in the mods I make public and I am my own worst critic. I don't post untested rubbish. I recently started my second play-through of Witcher 2 and remembered some things that bothered me the first time. So I have fixed some of them to suit me. So far I have created three Witcher 2 mods, one was posted to the Nexus recently, another is still being play tested and the other, "pipped dice" was the one I was planning to donate here once I get the textures the way I want them. Mod On Minions! Jackal
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