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  1. Tribute to Frank and Gopher's 1st F4 LP

    Thank you I appreciate the wise advice, Shiroi_Gaijin ...
  2. Still learning how to edit well, so forgive any shortcomings.
  3. Gopher´s Face fan-art?

    This is actually Gopher, taken in his youth during a rather rebellious phase while studying abroad in the US.
  4. Stanley Parable

    Think Gopher gave up on SP heh ...
  5. Stanley Parable

    Aye, was great as normal ... This play-through is my new favorite TV show :P
  6. Any new episodes forthcoming? Really enjoying this play-through ... :)
  7. Gopher Merchandise Ideas [Serious]

    How about a mug that simply says, "Brilliant" with Gopher's helmet logo on the underside. :)
  8. To paraphrase the 'Burbs' ... "I want to kill everyone, Gopher is good- Gopher is our pal."