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  1. Relinquo

    Pokemon GO

    Is it out in America yet? I didn't think it was out till next week there.
  2. Relinquo

    Pokemon GO

    So, I know there's at least SOME people here that will be playing, so who's hailing from what teams? I'm on Valor (RED), and its been a lot of fun so far.
  3. Oh don't get me started on all that shit, FTTP was absolutely awesome, I miss it so much. I think this is a little off topic though
  4. I was actuallyon the fibre nbn for a while, then I moved to a place without it. It hurts
  5. Reading all this makes me want to cook up my beef beer stew.
  6. Something simple for me tonight. Sausages and mash potatoes. Potatoes had butter, cheese and a dash of milk mixed for flavor and creamyness, sausages were herb and garlic.
  7. Hah, who wants to watch with popcorn?
  8. The elder scrolls will always hold a special place for me, they introduced my to these sort of games
  9. Netflix would be my preference here, mainly coz down here in Aus its a pain to get HBO. I dont think it would be a good idea to try and follow the storyline from a game, the openness is a problem in that regard. I'd much rather have some new characters to fall in love with, and follow the adventures of. Keep the universe, and tell a story within it. I'd love to hear about how someone though an unexploded Bomb would be a great place to make a town. Maybe expand outside the US a bit, whats happening in Europe or Asia? How did Africa or Australia fair in the War?
  10. I have googled it, and they're both very similar, which is why I was after some user input. Nexus are nice, bit pricey where I am though even for older models, unfortunately.
  11. I've had good times with Logitech headphones, both in actual and virtual 7.1, but I'm not that much of an audiophile that I can really tell the difference. Some friends of mine also recommend Paltronics, or whatever the brand of headphones the League of Legends LCS uses.
  12. Hey Everyone, I've trying to look this up myself, and I'm up to the point where I'd like some input from people who may actually own the things that I'm looking at. I'm considering buying a Tablet, mainly to use for watching videos, but also light gaming and running my tabletop games from. So what I've been looking at is the Samsung range, give I already own a samsung phone, I know and like the brand. But I'm also on a budget, so around $300AUD is my limit. To this end I've narrowed it down to 2 tablets, if anyone has an opinion on them, The Samsung Tab A or the Tab 4. If anyone has some insight into these two in particular it would be appreciated. However if you have a viable alternative, I'm all ears. Thanks Everyone.
  13. Dammit, Now I'm picturing a Gopher piloting an animatronic human suit, kinda like the little alien from MIB 1.
  14. Can law models actually do that? I thought it was restricted by what model of protectron you activated.
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