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Community Answers

  1. The most common swear words used today have been in use since probably around the middle ages in one form or another.
  2. I believe they mean swear words. And honestly if it's a game about the future of humanity from current times, is absolutely is realistic. The majority of the words we use nowadays have, or have evolved from words that have, been in use for centuiries already. There's no reason to think they won't still be around in some form in the future.
  3. Not too bad thanks. Not up to all that much either though. Just trying to keep going day to day really. How are you doing?
  4. I still keep an eye on the place. Not that there ever seems to be much for me to do.
  5. I think there's two reasons why this forum has gone quiet. First was the the change in format, as Cryzeteur mentioned and the second was the community adoption of the Discord server. Of course the forum and the Discord do different things well. The discord is great for 'immediate' conversation with whoever's online whilst the forum is great for long term discussions where everyone gets to take part and can go back to the very beginning of the conversation if they want to. Personally I check here reasonably often, at least once per day. As for what it will take to make it more active again, I honestly don't know. That's probably why I'm only a mod rather than an admin.
  6. From what I understand comments help the video get better ranking on youtube which means they're more likely to get noticed by new people.
  7. You'll still have to buy from Epic if you want any games that they're putting out. As far as I can tell, GOG are doing this for the 'I want all of my games in one launcher' crowd so you'll somehow tell GOG Galaxy what games you have and where the executables are on your computer (It'll probably have an automatic search come to think of it) and it'll show you what games you have installed. That's my guess anyway. It's possible that it will somehow access your games library on other services, but you'll need to give Galaxy access to your accounts on the other platforms.
  8. It kinda used to be before digital downloading became so prevalent. Whilst all stores would get the game, different stores would get different pre-order bonuses. Where do you think the console publishers got the idea from?
  9. There's been a bit of an issue with the hosting on the server for the website. The folks who deal with these things are working on it and we hope to have functionality returned as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know though.
  10. Has anyone checked that it hasn't released already? Because that would be a surprise.
  11. Honestly, at this stage I don't know. The features will all need to be tested to find which was causing the issue and that's not something I know anything about.
  12. The forum was recently updated and there was problems with plugins and custom apps so they had to be disabled.
  13. Steam doesn't have a close substitute though. Publisher's stores are only used for their games and people pretty much only buy on them if a game's not available on steam. GoG is the closest thing Steam has to competition but their range is, in general, older and much more limited meaning their market share, and visibility to the general game buying public is really small.
  14. Which is most videos. And don't forget, right now people uploading their own original content are getting copyright strikes because the system's broken. https://twitter.com/itsDanBull/status/1073232348743917569
  15. Nah, that would take far too much work and money on Youtube's art. They're more likely to stop anyone except trusted channels upload anything at all because Youtube don't want to be responsible if someone uploads something that someone else holds the copyright for. And because it's cheaper and easier for them to just have one system everywhere, they'll probably roll that out globally. Additionally, fair use doesn't work quite the same way in the EU as it does in the US so a lot of what could be defended with fair use in the US, can't be in the EU. This is probably the video I've seen that makes it easiest to understand it.
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