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  1. TiDinzeo

    ? Elite Dangerous and Steam saves question

    It all saves on the servers. The same as an MMORPG You just sign in on your account and it's all there still. The only thing you might want to save that's actually on your computer is your keybindings.
  2. TiDinzeo

    Website content usage

    You could try on the discord server. That's probably got as good a chance as anywhere I'd guess.
  3. You entirely missed my point then. If we extend your comment here to an admittedly absurd end, we should all be using a rotary dial controller such as was used for pong. Sure, that would be extremely limiting to the games that could be made, but if we have no innovation in controls and no new control systems in gaming then that is what we are left with. Except they do work. Possibly not as well as something that's been iterated on and improved upon because it's been used so many times and tweaked each time, but they do work as proven by the fact that you can play the game. Future iterations will be better than the first generation, that's how development works. I've never heard a critic say they hate Arkham combat, for any reason. Yes, they point out that it's been used before, but usually, hand in hand with talking about any improvements that have been made and any places where it falls short. Yes, they sometimes do call for innovation but that's for many reasons, maybe in some cases the control scheme doesn't fit the game, maybe sometimes the places where the control scheme does fall short are jarring to them and maybe sometimes it's because they play so many games, far more than the rest us, that they get bored of it in a shorter time than the rest of us. They also point out when new controls systems don't work very well, because their aim is to inform the people reading/watching/listening to their content of the reality of the game, talking about what they've found to be notably good or bad to the game. A control scheme is how you experience a game if you don't have new control schemes then they all start feeling the same, regardless of the setting or story or even the graphics. That's why developers try new control schemes and that's why it's a good thing. Yes, new control schemes will come with problems, but as it's used more and adapted and tweaked in other games, it will get better. So yes, developers absolutely should be coming up with new control schemes for their games and yes, they should also iterate and tweak ones that are already out there. And I'm not, by any means saying that people shouldn't complain when new schemes don't feel good, they absolutely should so that the developers can see that and try to make them better next time but saying they should never come out with new controls schemes is just stupid, as is expecting a new control scheme to work perfectly in it's first title, there is no way anyone can afford the time and manpower to achieve that because each time to iterate, you'd need new testers as the ones who had tested the previous version have some level of familiarity with the system so it's obviously going to be easier for them, as such, it's entirely possible that the devs didn't see the issues players would have on release because they already had tens or hundreds of hours learning the system and it's nuances. And that, of course, is before you go into the sheer number of hardware and driver configurations that you have to take into account if you're developing for the PC market.
  4. The event was likely done with Microsoft so they could spread the cost a bit. So Xbones makes some sense. Plus, I believe that it's pretty common for test versions of the games at events like this to be on consoles as they're much more portable, much easier to set up and let's face it, if a PC player goes in and sees something running on a console, they're probably going to think 'Just think how much better this will be on my much higher spec PC.'
  5. So we should go back to not being able to look up in shooters? Because that used to be a thing. There needs to be innovation in controls as much as in any part of a game because players do get bored, it might not be as quickly as journalists and critics, but we also don't play anywhere near as many games and also because it's always possible to make things better. If Kingdom Come: Deliverance's control scheme had worked right for most people, chances are we'd be hailing it as a welcome change, like the Arkham combat system was despite it still having problems (mainly that having to block disrupts your combo) after many iterations. Yes, we absolutely should be letting developers know when innovations aren't working right, but saying that they shouldn't innovate in something that's a core part of potentially making a game enjoyable (bad/broken controls can make a game unplayable faster than pretty much anything else and can, when done right, make an otherwise mediocre game, very fun to play) is not realistic or helpful.
  6. Pretty sure that he forgets only when he hasn't played the game, or used that function, for a while. Just like when you come back to a game it takes you a little time to get used to the controls again, except in this case, the keys it shows aren't labelled the way they are on the controller itself. Assuming there are any labels left on it after so many years of use.
  7. TiDinzeo

    ??? Video game darker nights mods

    The problem I have with darker nights mods is that as the settings most of the games are in don't have artificial lights, nights generally wouldn't be so dark because there would be star and moon light that get lost in the modern world because of light pollution from towns, cities and roads.
  8. TiDinzeo

    Putting a gaming PC in the Millennium Falcon

    Surely a better question would be 'Does it take paint well' because if it does, it doesn't really matter what colour it dries.
  9. My point was more that imo, that should be an option in the base game without needing to mod for it. Of course, if it's a lot of work, I would rather they concentrate on other things.
  10. I do wonder how much extra work it would be for them to give you an option to turn off the protaganist's voice, I wouldn't think it would be much but I'm also not a game dev, or any kind of coder for that matter.
  11. I never expected that the protagonist would be unvoiced, I was just stating my opinion as a conclusion of what I was saying about accents and I stand by that conclusion, that a silent protagonist is better for role play in a roleplaying game so that the player can decide on the accent and other vocal qualities for themselves in line with the character they're playing.
  12. Every single person has an accent. It's all to do with where you were born, grow up and live which affects how you talk in a multitude of different ways. A voice without an accent is impossible. Even computer voices have an accent of sorts. So no, I don't think they'll do a generic man and woman's voice sans accent. Additionally, considering what it takes to make an accent, whilst physical appearance has little to do with vocal sound (some things like a larger chest cavity can obviously have a physical difference) in a roleplaying game where the protagonist is variable, personally, I think the protagonist should be unvoiced to aid the roleplaying of the player.
  13. Pretty sure that as GOG is run by the same group as CDPR it's likely to be up there on release.
  14. To be fair, Goppherhas two really high spec computers that he uses to make videos which helps. Not that there isn't talent there as well but talent can be learned with practice so the tech is the biggest limiting factor I think.
  15. TiDinzeo

    Video editing

    According to his about page on youtube Sony Vegas Pro 15