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  1. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Just a quick notice. Stream is on hiatus now as I'm moving at the weekend. I'll be back live again as soon as I can but I don't know when that will be right now as I don't know when I'll be able to get an internet connection. Thanks to everyone who's been a viewer so far and I hope to see you all again as soon as possible. I'll post updates here when I have any information.
  2. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Time to kick more Nazi ass the BJ way in Wolfenstein: The new order over at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo join us to watch and chat.
  3. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    1847. Best placement so far although I was hoping for 1900+ Goal for this season is gold but I'm not sure I'm there yet. Plus as I move at the end of the week and I don't know when I'll be getting internet at the new place I may miss quite a bit of the season.
  4. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Live again playing for lootboxes and doing my final placements for season 7 in Overwatch, join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and chat.
  5. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Come join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch some Overwatch, including some Season 7 placements.
  6. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Late start, but time to kill some more Nazis in Wolfenstein The New Order. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and chat.
  7. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    It's Nazi-killing time! More Wolfenstein: The New Order over at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo for anyone who wants to come over and watch.
  8. Personally I think Discord was adopted because it had functionality that better suited the community It allowed for multiple public and private text and voice chats and once everything's set up all you need to join is a link, you don't even need to download the application because it runs in a browser window if you want to. In my opinion, it's also a much more user-friendly layout than Teamspeak and much easier and more intuitive to use.
  9. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Nazi Zombies you say? I must kill them all. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood continues over at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo come join us to watch and chat.
  10. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Time for more Nazi killing. Join us at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo for more Wolfenstein The Old Blood and to chat.
  11. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Time to stream, today we're going to kill some Nazis in Wolfenstein: Old Blood. Join us over at www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and laugh at all the times I die.
  12. Honestly, if that's how CDPR are making games, I wish more game dev companies would follow suit. It means we don't get the same game reskinned year after year after year with little to no actual innovation. It means that we get a much better game in terms of both writing and mechanics each time and it's the reason that CDPR is probably the only studio right now I would even think of considering to pre-order the games of. The only other studio I have done that for in the past was Bioware and tbh with Andromeda, they fell out of that category for me.
  13. NUKA WORLD #1 : 'Run' The Gauntlet?

    Well, the Doctor in Underworld in FO3 was looking for a way to cure the ghoul condition so they already have a part of the lore that could be used to explain it.
  14. Ti Dinzeo streams?

    Come on over to www.twitch.tv/tidinzeo to watch and laugh at me playing some Overwatch. And chat maybe.