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  1. Dishonoured was absolutely not 'not big enough' It was well sized for the game. If it had been bigger, there would have been large, open, unfilled spaces. Especially considering that one of your notes is that only a few buildings on the map they already have are developed. It would be better to develop what they already have rather than make a bigger world and have it sparsely filled.
  2. TiDinzeo

    E3 2018

    If they have rooms, they will be there. My guess is that they'll be on the PC Gamer presentation as I'm not sure they'll have enough new content for their own show. As you say, possibly Microsoft and Sony as well, depending on what they have and when they're releasing on each platform also depending on what else Microsoft and Sony have to show.
  3. TiDinzeo

    E3 2018

    We don't yet know that Fallout 76 is different in any way to a main fallout game (or Fallout New Vegas) I certainly haven't seen any official confirmation anywhere that it's a 'freemium building game' or for that matter any details about it. Until confirmation has come from Bethesda, the rumours are just that, rumours and shouldn't be taken as fact.
  4. The heliocentric model is a model to show how the planets orbit the sun and in what order/direction, it's basically this if viewed from head on.
  5. TiDinzeo

    E3 2018

    10 is 100% an enemy from DOOM which is why I think 2 might be from Quake Champions. Honestly, DOOM needs a story DLC or sequel because it was left hanging a little at the end of the story in the last game and we've been waiting for quite a while now.
  6. TiDinzeo

    E3 2018

    I don't know any of the three rightmost characters. The far left, as Cryzeteur said looks like an elf of some kind, maybe TESO? As for the one next to the elf, my first instinct in the Doom Marine, but with the demon over to the right, I'm not so sure. Maybe Quake Champions? Honestly, I'm not sure who that is next to Emily Caldwell from Dishonoured 2, I really should get around to playing that game. So numbering from left to right. 1, Don't know, maybe ESO. 2, Don't know, maybe Quake. 3, Definitely from Prey. 4, Not sure come to think of it, it's not a female Morgan Yu for sure, she has short hair. 5, Possibly a ghoul, but something looks off to me, maybe Corvo from Dishonoured but 8 covers Dishonoured. 6, Fallout, that's power armour. 7, Not sure, I'm guessing someone from Dishonoured. 8, Emily Caldwell from Dishonoured 2. 9, Obviously TES, maybe another Skyrim port, maybe TES 6. 10, Demon from Doom. 11, 12, 13 Dunno any of them but I'd guess 11 and/or 12 is from skyfactory(or whatever the new IP is actually called).
  7. I have a horrible feeling that it's going to be a Fallout themed online survival game like ARK or RUST or so many other titles. I say horrible feeling because I'm not interested in that kind of game at all personally and worry that it could have serious consequences for the Franchise and Bethesda if it is due to fan backlash.
  8. TL:DL (too long didn't listen) We know it's a game called Fallout 76, we know nothing else for certain.
  9. TiDinzeo

    Finally the Bethesda stream got somewhere. lol

    It is a new game. Todd Howard said so before the teaser. And more details at E3.
  10. TiDinzeo

    The perfect Xmass gift for Quarico

    Or Elon Musk was selling flamethrowers. Unfortunately they've sold out now. https://www.boringcompany.com/not-a-flamethrower/
  11. TiDinzeo


    Missed this a few months ago due to no internet. It started off a little slow, but love how it turned out. Used to be into Evanesence back in my youth. May have to start listening to their music again.
  12. A pack? Think bigger lots of different packs to help him find 'the right one'
  13. I'm a little surprised that TESO isn't a bigger thing for minions as it's somewhere we could actually be followers of Stiv in the right universe.
  14. TiDinzeo

    Is Gopher real?

    Gopher is an ordinary, human, adult person. Just a little private. All of those rumours you may have heard otherwise are false. An actor was not hired to make the unboxing videos. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  15. Might be looking at E3 announce and a Q3/Q4 2018 release then.