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  1. Last time I was in, I had trouble getting into gaming rooms on teamspeak. Tomorrow morning (on the west coast of USA) I will have a large amount of time and I want to do some multiplayer gaming with you guys in Warframe, a game that I enjoy thoroughly but haven't been able to have the multiplayer experience yet.
  2. So, now that Fallout 4 has been announced, and it has been revealed that it is coming out late fall this year, I predict that we will see The Elder Scrolls VI being announced sometime in the spring or summer of 2019, and we will see the release of that game either in the fall of 2019 or the winter of 2020. Why that long? Hear me out: So Skyrim's trailer was released in early summer of 2011, with the release date of the game Nov 11, 2011. After the game was released, Bethesda continued working on it, patching it, add new features, releasing the Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions, as well as the Hearthfire DLC, until march 19th, 2013 when the released the last patch for the game, a year and a half later. They even came out with the legendary edition for it in June (which is the version I have). It has been 2 years since we heard anything from the development team in Bethesda, and now, two years later on June 3, 2015, Fallout 4 is announced, and there is rumors that it will be released December 31, 2015. If we assume that Fallout 4 will follow the same development pattern, it safe to assume that work on Fallout 4 with patches and added content through expansions, dlc, and patch content; will continue until sometime in June of 2017, after which development on Fallout 4 will stop as Besthesda focuses on their next project which should be The Elder Scrolls VI. It might also be safe to assume that a complete edition of Fallout 4 with everything included might come out 3 to 6 months after that; which means September to December 2017. Now, lets assume that the development process for The Elder Scrolls VI will take about the same amount of time after they stop working on Fallout 4, which means between two to two and a half years, which brings the announcement time and release time for The Elder Scrolls VI to the timeframe I gave above. So, that is my prediction. It will be another 4 to 4 and a half years before The Elder Scrolls series once again takes center stage.
  3. yeah, in fact if Gopher does do multiplayer, I suppose it best to be a private multiplayer with a few people he already knows who won't gang up on him but work with him and help him out. By the way, i wonder if Gopher will ever read these conversations.
  4. Actually, I wouldn't recommend a skyblock modpack as a first type of modpack to dive into becasue you start with very little land and very little supplies, and if you are not careful, it is very easy to fall into the abyss. Skyblocks are a harder type of map to play on. However with that said, Agrarian Skies does give you some room to work with and a bit more supplies that a normal skyblock map, plus it uses HQM, and as I said before, that can be used as a guide. Even still I think it is best to choose a modpack that is smaller, more focused, and has been tweaked for easier play.
  5. I already posted my thoughts about it here: "What? Minecraft can be Modded?" As I said, a modpack might be easier for him to get into, especially with Feed the Beast. I elaborate more here: 1. Many of the modpacks; as i said in my other post; have the Not Enough Items mod (NEI) already built in. Not Enough Items mod is basically a gigantic recipe encyclopedia that allows you to look up the recipe for almost any item in the game or added by a mod. This is extremely helpful to a noob, and it means that they do not have to look at a wiki for all the answers. 2. Many of the third party modpacks from Feed the Beast include the Hardcore quest mode, or HQM for short. Despite it's name, it's brilliant in that it has a questbook that can be used to guide the player through some of the more advanced gameplay mechanics of all the mods in the modpack. On top of that many of the modpacks are based on a theme. Examples: Tolkiencraft II, a mmo-like modpack that is based on the stories of J.R.R Tolkien, creator of the Lord of the Rings. Running Red, a modpack that is about being a vampire. Pathfinder, a modpack that is in the vein of Star Trek and creating new worlds to explore Colony, a modpack that is based on technological advancement and exploring the solar system Regrowth, a modpack about rebuilding civilization on in a post-apocalyptic wasteland (i think) Agrarian Skies, a Skyblock themed modpack These are just an example of what's out there. There are many, many more. Overall, I think it would be easier for Gopher to use a modpack via a Launcher. Easier to install and keeps all the mods updated, easier to play with mods like NEI and HQM, and much more fun due.
  6. This is a message for Gopher. Yes, minecraft can be modded like alot of other games. Mods add so many more ores to mine and items to craft. Mods enhance the game a hundred fold, and yet it also makes the game a little less daunting. In fact, there are entire communities online built around making what is called modpacks for minecraft. These modpacks are launched through the community built launchers, which are installed separately from minecraft. The biggest community driven modpack launchers are: Technicpack Launcher: www.technicpack.net Feed the Beast Launcher: www.feed-the-beast.com AT Launcher: www.atlauncher.com The great thing about the modpacks is that all modpacks include a mod called Not Enough Items, which is basically an in-game recipe encyclopedia for craftable items in minecraft and in mods. Each of them also has some sort of minimap mod that not only helps you get a sense of your surroundings, but also allows you to create waypoint markers to help you remember where specific locations are. On top of that, each modpack has a different theme, so there is something for everyone, whether it's high technology, exploring the solar system, and there even magical modpacks. So, I just wanted to share this with you and wish you luck in any future minecraft endeavors.
  7. Some changes since the last post: I have now been streaming on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 am pacific time on a regular basis. For a while I was doing a modded minecraft series using the Tekkit Modpack from the Technicpack launcher. However last week I started a new modded minecraft series using a modpack I enjoy alot more; Colony modpack which is a third party modpack on the Feed the Beast Launcher.
  8. Weird. One moment the filter buttons for paid mods and free mods was there, than 2 minutes later it was gone, and all the paid mods are again hidden. It happened just that quick. http://steamcommunity.com/games/SteamWorkshop/announcements/detail/208632365253244218 It seems that Valve and Bethesda have finally listened to the community and decided to shut it down.
  9. My mistake, For awhile you couldn't but they are now available again.
  10. I have news from the steam workshop, chesko's mods have already been pulled (due to his own decisions) and the other mods are unavailable for purchase. I think Valve is listening.
  11. This is challenge that is meant to be a massive brainteaser puzzle every step of the way. Here are the rules: The entire game you must not lift a finger, or do anything that requires any effort or concentration on your character's part. What that means is that: Smithing is not allowed Mining is not allowed woodcutting is not allowed house construction is not allowed high level magic is not allowed destruction magic is restricted only to Rune Spells bound weapon magic is not allowed equipping a weapon (ranged, one handed, or two handed) is not allowed equipping metallic armor is not allowed (armor made mostly out of ores) carry weight is restricted to 50 carry weight except when wearing backpacks, pouches, bags, and bandoleers. you do not get extra carry weight upon level up damage dealing shouts are not allowed Some extra roleplay rules: you must eat, drink, sleep, and bathe on a regular basis hypothermia is a real killer spamming potions has either consequences or no effect diseases are deadly traps are deady running drains stamina health does not regenerate equipment degrades over time Fast Travel except by cart/boat is not allowed. You must complete the entire main quest, plus the dragonborn quest, and the dawnguard quest with these rules, and you are only allowed to die 9 times. Upon the tenth death, it's over. The whole idea behind this is two fold: 1. It forces you to plan out your adventures and prepare for them carefully 2. It turns every single encounter into a complex puzzle that is not only mind-boggling but also hair raising. It really forces you to think out every situation. Mods are a must for this challenge, so pick your favorites before you begin... and good luck.
  12. I actually used movie maker when i first began, and used it for a year and a half until I got Sony Vegas Movie Studio (not pro). Yes, it's not great but it is free. If that is not satisfactory, I recommend looking up open source solutions. http://opensource.com/life/15/1/current-state-linux-video-editing That link gave several open source free video editors. Although most of them are only on Linux, I did some research and found out that Avidemux and Blender are available for windows computers. I hope this helps. I recommend you save up some money for Sony Vegas Movie Studio or ask for it as a gift. In June of 2013 I got Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11 HD for my birthday at the same time that I got Skyrim. It only cost my parents about $70 dollars. Now that it is 2015 it might be even cheaper, and version 12 or 13 might be that price now. It is also much cheaper the Sony Vegas Pro (which I could never even dream of affording.)
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