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  1. RIP Concealment Kill Zone, and Mimic Beacons Oh well, I'll just live with more proxy mine spam. Being serious now, seems like alot nice tweaks big and small, not much in terms of balancing underpowered perks *cough*deadeye*cough*
  2. Right now for the very much late Specialist Class I'll be fair to Specialists, they bring alot of utility to the squad, but typically do not offer comparable damage to that of the other 3 core classes. Nonetheless, it is my opinion unlike both the Ranger and the Sharpshooter, both of which while effective tools, are not irreplaceable ones, in direct contrast with the Specialist which will always see a place in my squad composition. Caveat regarding Specialist, I have limited experience with many perks in the Battle Medic tree as I've only taken Field Medic, Covering Fire, and Ever Vigilan
  3. Yesssss..... now this I can use....... Edit: From what I've tested (just loaded up a save for the last mission), it doesn't seem to have any issues in the late game.
  4. VIP escort (the one where you start out revealed), and VIP extraction (Dark VIP assassination/kidnapping and VIP Prisoner breakout) are the hardest considering that the maps are ridiculously huge even with a higher than normal turn timer (12). And considering the fact that these demand near perfect damage dealing at Legendary (example, 4 Andromedons=essentially 8 enemies alone without their escorts), it is not uncommon to really come down to the wire for these missions. While I can see the effectiveness of such a tactic if you pull more than a single pod, using a mimic beacon for troop
  5. It is much more pleasing to look like but just as the author stated The health display does not include a damage preview when aiming at enemies. It doesn't really matter since the math can be done in your head but being able to see your damage at a glance with visual feedback is much more useful for me.
  6. XCOM 2 happens because the commander is rescued, otherwise it would be just like the tutorial of the EU/EW, where Bradford is in command and gets rekted.
  7. We’re happy to report a hotfix for XCOM 2 is now available. This update will automatically install when starting the Steam client. If it doesn’t automatically, restart Steam. This update fixes issues causing known crashes and includes some performance improvements. Saves affected by the crashes detailed below can be recovered and continued after installing the update. We will continue our patch support over the coming months with additional fixes and performance updates. It is important to the team that we address the issues below as soon as possible so fans can get back to enjoying the game.
  8. Haven't tested it, but if it works anyway like normal reaction shots, it should not activate unless the ranger is revealed, which can happen if your are flanked by an enemy within its visual range. Now for the Sharpshooter. Both trees, Sniper and Gunslinger and fully viable at all difficulties, but it should be noted that Snipers are lacking in the early game, and are unwieldy to use in timed missions. Sharpshooter Sniper Long Watch (A key perk that pairs well with a concealment Ranger Scout) Deadeye (Pretty useless early game due to the aim penalties, but sees more use i
  9. Technically in XCOM 2 there is no hovering defense, its represented as general defense that does not require the target to spend an action to elevate themselves. Example, Archons have innate +30 defense (iirc), it doesn't matter whether they're on the ground or high above executing a blazing pinions, they are in game terms considered to always have hovering defense.
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625481548 just because
  11. That's the thing, personally the times I've had bladestorm save my soldier a trip to the medbay can be counted on one hand, even after 122 total missions. It works particularly against low health melee attackers with low defense (typically Chrysallids, Faceless, Berserkers), but at the same the limited range of bladestorm (1-tile essentially) and its inability to touch anything with defense, the things that might actually survive the amount of firepower the rest of the squad can put out (Archons, good lord Archons). At the same time its going up against Implacable, which is a pseudo Hit &
  12. Now, the Ranger, unlike the Grenadier, Specialist, and Sharpshooter which has perks that work well together and synergise well if you go vertically down, has perks in different trees that form up builds centered around their weapon of choice, shotgun or sword. In the current vanilla balance of the game, Blademaster Rangers while viable (mostly at veteran and rookie as enemies have -1 base health), is lacking compared to its shotgun counterpart, due to in part to its lack of close range aim bonuses,lackluster damage, and crit chance (you can't flank an enemy with a sword attack, meaning y
  13. Meh considering the amount of abilities and firepower that each class brings to the table, the only issues I have with innate defense are usually Gatekeepers, and Archons. I've seen like +10 defense on even Advent troopers but then again +10 is laughable. Killing power comes from grenades (no aim required) for demolitionists, psionic bullshit from psi-ops (no aim required), etc. And there's the crux of the matter, yes the Aliens have innate defense, but you have alot of ways to bypass that innate defense, it all depends if you need to shoot to do your killing or not. If you do, then yes, Aim P
  14. That pretty brave going in with Ironman with XCOM :). I had some issues with my veteran campaign (gremlims flying off to nowhere for a combat protocol etc) so I decided to go self imposed Ironman.
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625148593 It is done, now its time for GLORIOUS NIPPONESE STEEL, forged from alien alloys (vahlenhite) folded over a million times! AKA time to have with mods
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