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  1. Head's up, I want to delete the game. I could use the disk space. I am technically still the Guild Leader (of a dead Guild), which does mean I will not be able to send any more invites, or change any Guild settings. If anyone wants to take over leadership, with all responsibilities attached, let me know.
  2. Technically it is? In a way? The guild is there, it is just not active anymore. It might still offer a way to find people to play with though, as some members are still playing. I sent you an invite
  3. I would need more details. Can you make yourself heard in Discord? I could try and help you in voice chat if we both have time sometime?
  4. Spectating is a thing, I believe, yes.
  5. There was a free weekend last weekend. I am pretty sure it is gonna stay buy to play though
  6. More Minions who play this? I am considering buying it, but I need to be sure I will have enough people to play with for a longer period (in other words, it needs to be worth the money to me)
  7. Active? hm no. But it still exists and some members still do play the game. So you might just find people to play with. I invited you
  8. This is a novel and a half, lol https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/294849/pc-mac-patch-notes-v2-6-4-update-12-one-tamriel
  9. @Okmeery People might still want things even though they don't need it. And I know that is not a good reason to actually do something. But if enough people want it, and we can do it, why not? With the Minecraft server opening soon, there is a boost in sense of community amongst Minions lately. If ever, now is a good time to add to that. For now I don't think it will replace the teamspeak or the forum, just add to it. We will see where it will lead us. I think it was the Patreon integration that made Gopher interested in the first place, so, there's that.
  10. This looks very promising! It is about time! ESO getting sandboxy-er / Elder Scrollsy-er, introducing duelling, etc. http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/news/post/2016/08/23/gamescom-2016-recap-update-12-and-one-tamriel
  11. Hello @Finlay Ah good you're in. Welcome!
  12. Congratz on the wedding plan Hekazu I cannot promise to fully take over the initiative, but if I feel like playing after a stream, I will ask around
  13. JandeV


    I'll be going ham on launch with up to 6v6 in the same channel, but after that I will probably prefer smaller groups. We shall see how it goes beyond tonight.
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