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    Paid mods 2.0 ?

    The thing that annoys me is that, what i understand, most of the 'paid mods' will be made by in house developers. Especially in the categories weapons, apparel, characters and creatures, these 'paid mods' will feel more like micro transactions. I don't mind to pay for quality mods like frostfall, enderal or even immersive creatures or weapons, which are whole bundles of creatures and weapons, but micro transactions in a game i already paid for? pfff. I also would like some information about the payment modders will receive. Will they get a cut and what would be the cut or would they be paid in advance?
  2. dunforce


    Well if you want to spread anthrax around from time to time in the name of Peryite, you can always send me a message. I do need a hobby
  3. dunforce


    Hello I'm dunforce. After two years of having an account (and forgetting the password) i finally decided to post something. Why, you may ask? Well i have exams and desperately need some distractions. Who am i, you wonder? (or not, wouldn't blame you). I'm a student (3 yr pharmacy), live in Belgium and my native language is dutch (hence the mistakes against the english language). I mostly play rpg's, but also football manager, civ, cities: skylines, rocket league and some others. Problem is that i only have a shitty laptop (640m), so i'm 'doomed' to play older games. But hey is still have to play/finish games like DA:O, Planescape torment, witcher 2, KOTOR 1 and 2, FO3, the stalker games, dishonored... But i'm looking to buy a better PC in the near future, and when that happens i may come looking for minions to play divinity: original sin 2 with (would also love to see our high lord play this game if he ever finds some time in his schedule in the next couple of centuries). Well, have a nice day, i'm off practicing my alchemy
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