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  1. As for merchandise. I want a t-shirt with the gopher logo on the front or a front pocket and a slogan on the back like I don't need a personality I have a shotgun. Promotions and Sponsorships As for things like lootcrate do it. A lot of channels do it.
  2. I'll wait on the map because cords just confuse me and I agree are own thread would be best.
  3. I would love to connect it to the deep roads less to tunnel for me but need to figure out how. You said you have maps can you share them here or should we make a new thread.
  4. I have started on a subway system right know it spans between cimi's island and my own. It does go a little in all four directions north south east and west. The South tunnel has a normal spider spawner. Help would be apprenticed but supplies would be better. I am in need of iron for rails and gold for powered rails.
  5. There will be no more giveaways for a few months. I am currently in rehab for a stroke. If you want to know more check my YouTube.
  6. This week I am giving away Unheard Screams, Tobe's Vertical Adventure and Crystal Catacombs.
  7. I always play myself .
  8. This week I am giving away Pineview Drive, 123 Slaughter Me Street and Space Robot Samurai Zombie Slayer
  9. This week I am giving away Not without my donuts, Tompi Jones and Undead Shadows.
  10. This is the last giveaway for october. The next one will be on 1st of november This week I am giving away Wonky Pigeon!,  The Oil Blue: Steam Legacy Edition and Moorhuhn Invasion (Crazy Chicken Invasion).
  11. This week I am giving away Dragonsphere,Redline and Hunting Unlimited 2010.
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