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  1. "Shameless promotion here" https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12397
  2. Hello minions, finally me and my friend have made a mod known as Immersive Facial Animations on the nexus, it took a while to remake the whole thing from the earlier version, so please check it out if you have the time. Would love is Gopher was to see this! http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2224/ EDIT: Just realized I put it in the wrong section... RIP xD
  3. Is it possible to have MO presets? By this I mean, if someone was to make a working stable load order inside their MO, and send their whole MO folder to someone else, would it come out with the same load order, so they can play straight away?! Or am I an idiot and not seeing something? Thought this would be an amazing idea for a website of some kind where people distribute their Mod Organizer folders... Also add me on Steam if you have not already: http://steamcommunity.com/id/aronaxae/
  4. Thanks for the answers, Jack is just awesome, love the character, love the game, thanks guys!
  5. Hello guys, been a long while ago, college has been keeping me busy (not from watching Gopher though). My question is has Gopher stopped playing as Jack, is it going to continue after FO4 or is it done for good? because we were going to be getting the best DLC in the game imo.. If so... RIP.
  6. I have been on the forum for quite a while, but lots of things have been happening over the past few months so I have not been able to get on, I guess this is the second coming of "Aronax" and though I would re-introduce myself for people who have not saw me here before!
  7. This is the problem though, LOOT somehow messes up, I think its some of his mods that are making it happen, a real bummer.
  8. Does anyone have a really recent list of Gopher's Fallout:NV load order, and yes before you say it, I know it is in the description of his videos, but that list is in alphabetical order, I would like a load order with correct priorities, if you get what I mean xD PS: How's everyone doing, having been on in a while!
  9. Does anyone mind if I change the title to food thread?
  10. There is seriously something wrong with you people, why put fruit on a pizza. Its more of the texture mix of the two that I can't stand.... I'm done with you all. <3
  11. What do you think? I think its a crime against nature.
  12. That was too good, instant like, thanks for that :P
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