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  1. Woah @Just Louise? Your here? I must be going normal.
  2. don't worry, dealing with work again and applying for fall courses. @Gorzkiewski you do a post and i'll follow soon after.
  3. This was just a big misunderstanding, and we cleared it up. Matt I have no problems with you joining, make a character sheet similar to the ones posted, let us look over it and well welcome you to this horrible horrible group of people
  4. I did not @TiDinzeo, might you tell me how to do so? and in regards to hiding it can I make it visible again if Matt does join in properly?
  5. None, servers are still down for me *cires*
  6. @Jasch I'll send you a personal message about the note. Also whoever @Matt is, why is there a post of yours in the RP? I never talked to you about joining it, and looking on the OOC page I do not see a character by your name. I'll be messaging you as well.
  7. How else would he get everyone's attention, reciting poetry? Nonetheless Greg's facial features are about as average as you get, but more pale, almost sickly so because of the lack of sunlight. @Jasch your turn.
  8. Long last I posted. Now gimme a couple hours more I'll give another description of Greg.
  9. Greg stopped walking and turned his head. No one had followed him, most likely still at the Gun Runners about to shoot it out. I'm really regretting taking this offer. He slowly put the ammo crates down and then reached towards his mask, fingers going for the clasps. This had better work. He thought there was a click and he removed his helmet, cradling it under his arm. After he stood still for awhile. Without his mask the sensations were pure euphoria. Seeing sunlight without the tint from his goggles, warm air without a chemical smell that was necessary in his home. He took it all in and breathed deeply. Seven minutes. He nodded to himself and set to work on one more note. Dave, I get him on my side and the rest will follow, need to show him that with what ever will happen we would win. Or at-least have a decent shot. He finished the note, picked up one of the ammo crates and walked back. He noticed that Marcus had arrived late and saw another man he did not recognize in the group as well, and from the way they were all standing he could tell they were at the tipping point, but had not noticed him coming back. Greg smirked, pulled out his Walther and shot once into the ground.
  10. Alright know what im going to post next, who knows maybe we can all have a lovely time actually getting to quarry junction soon
  11. FLCL is a thing, decided to watch it, throwing so much fluff at me. Quite nice.
  12. Okay I'm here and re-read the RP to get caught up. Why is every one still talking as if Greg was still around. He's walking away.
  13. So there was an anime/game convention today that I couldn't go to because work is a thing. Luckily on the train to work I realized that I was sharing it with a NCR ranger veteran. But I realized it too late and he got off before I could take a picture.

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