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  1. Is this not because they don't sell the media, they only sell the right to enjoy/consume the media. Like a company selling cakes. They don't sell 'the cake', they sell 'a cake' for you to eat. Its a part of the whole. I suppose the differences are that the media only needs to be made once and digital media has enabled copies to be created virtually free. You should still expect to pay for someone to let you access the media (stream/download etc) as this has costs. This can be applied to cakes too. The cake is made by someone. They sell their cakes for some time. Then the recipe is made av
  2. An interesting point, but would this not also mean that everyone is entitled to have this item, just because they want it? How about, Artist X sold their creation to some people, made a tidy sum, and now its ended. Not for sale, rent or lend anymore. Why does someone having made the amount money that is deemed 'fair' or 'enough', mean they have to give it out for free forever?
  3. ICANN is not giving up any control and basically nothing changes at the moment. What is happening is the US government department for National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is no longer going to have the power to affect ICANN decisions (and in some ways they don't really have that power anyway) As far as censorship and free speech issues? DNS hijacking is not hard to do for any country and a rouge nation having influence in ICANN won't help or hinder them in that respect. There are plenty of free, open DNS services that help you avoid that issue anyhow.
  4. This is a really annoying trend. Using the same brand/model name across some/a few different devices. I dunno if its a PR thing. I'm thinking of things like apple iMac and iPad. They often tack on 'New' an updated model or backport 'Classic' to the older one. Not until you dig into serial numbers can you find out what it actually is Microsoft liked this idea too. We got a glimpse of this with Windows 8 and its gonna be worse with 10. Hooray for confusion! I best add some comment that is on-topic too This console/update will never live up to the hype. They
  5. ha, Crackpotmark that is such cool backdrop image!!! :D

  6. well that could be interesting I guess there will be a barrage of new people on the server
  7. Ohh hampton!! That is a brilliant song I had this on repeat for a while once..... That robin hood song sounds identical! I wonder if hampton took the tune? Edit: Yup. Wikipedia confirms it Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hampster_Dance
  8. Yeah your license code is valid for both 32bit and 64bit. It is gonna require a re-install from a 64bit disk though. There is absolutely no way around that.
  9. Nice that they transcended 4gb No more patching for large address aware!
  10. Nice work there All_Of_My_Nope. Very informative guide, a lot of effort put into it. Much appreciated.
  11. You make a good point. For the Uninformed, an SSD will most likely have a pagefile
  12. Not sure I follow? It's easy to put your pagefile on a different HDD. I do it on a daily basis on many machines.
  13. Page Swapping....SSD.... Why Do you not like your SSD?
  14. Maybe adjust permissions so that minions have the ability to create temporary rooms under a primary room called "single player"? Possible with a limit of 10 rooms or something?
  15. Maybe you could crop the outside two third off of the pic? (all around the edge)
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