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  1. Apparently it's been 10 years since the release of The Witcher (1). CDPR put out a video in honor of its anniversary. CD Project Red continue to do things right. They continue to stand out.
  2. https://www.engadget.com/amp/2017/07/08/singer-sues-fallout-4-publisher/ Don't know how I feel about this. To my mind it's the responsibility of the company licensing the songs (the company Bethesda bought the license from) to account for all the strange riders and conditions, not the person or company buying the license. Oh well, Bethesda / Zenimax will probably just retask a couple of the Oculus suit lawyers to cover this one... Gopher better watch out, though. Dion DiMucci is coming after him next, for using this music as the opening for his videos!
  3. "Cait [as she interrupts a conversation], this is literally the worst timing ever. Again." So irritating. The "companion character interrupts other dialog" bug - and yes, this is a bug - should have been fixed Day 1. Still not fixed. Bethesda!!!!!
  4. Only half-way done?! He's already down from almost 22,000 views at the start to less than 3000 for this one. There may not be anyone left!
  5. That's a very good point. And, as mentioned by Mechazawa and VATROU, previous "actual" DLCs made by Bethesda obviously work on consoles. Bethesda don't need no stinkin' script extenders - they have the source code! Still, I wonder how the "Creators" will do development of mods they don't have the tools to create.
  6. I have a question that perhaps someone here can answer. It pertains mainly to consoles and their limitations with respect to a PC. My question is: can a console - especially a PS4 - with its limitations in memory and in particular scripting (a la F4SE / SKSE), run the large, heavily modified quest mods like Helgen Reborn, Moonpath to Elsweyr, and Falskaar? I'm assuming total conversions like Enderal are completely off the table for consoles. Gopher states that he thinks the "positive" (i.e., non money-grabbing sleazebag) path forward for Bethesda - unless the "Creation Club" will be solel
  7. PSquared

    Paid mods 2.0 ?

    Here's Bethesda's FAQ about the Creation Club: https://creationclub.bethesda.net/en Most of what is reported here sounds good: no old mods; must be original. "We've encountered many of those issues before." Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not that statement will be proved true. The only upside I see to this (other than the potential for modders to be paid for their work, and the majority of proceeds must go to the modder, Bethesda!) is the possibility that future games will have script support, a la SKSE / F4SE, out of the gate. Without that feature, so many of the truly grea
  8. With CDPR's announcement today that part of the Cyberpunk 2077 content is being held ransom, part of me is proud that they're not surrendering to the criminals. But another, much more cynical part of me can't help note the near synchronicity of their announcement and E3, and makes me wonder - is this a complicated viral marketing scheme?
  9. Last year, Gopher did stream it. And yes, I asked because I was going to watch it anyways, and thought it might be more interesting to watch with his comments, and this community's comments.
  10. Well, another E3 is almost upon us, and the consensus seems to be that... no one has a (bleeping) clue what Bethesda will be presenting! Truly impressive silence from Bethesda this year. I haven't been watching Gopher's rampages through Borderlands, so I was wondering - has Gopher mentioned any plans to live stream the Bethesda conference? It would be hellaciously late, no scratch that - 6 AM his time is painfully early - Monday morning (9 PM PDT, Sunday 11 June). Midnight on the US east coast - well, I guess Bethesda knows what they're doing. So, are there any plans afoot? Also, any
  11. Unless I missed it, I'm surprised to see Prey hasn't popped up in here. Gopher might find the enemies a bit repetitive, but there's a ton of customizability available.
  12. (In robotic voice) No, of course I don't work for Amazon. Why would you think that? (in background) All hail Jeff Bezos, He is your creator. He is The Creator.
  13. https://blog.twitch.tv/twitch-prime-goes-global-with-exclusive-gear-in-playerunknowns-battlegrounds-ca869bd33f83?tt_content=TPrimeGlobalAnnounce&TT_medium=social&sf83811687=1. I have no idea how many people outside of the US have Amazon Prime (for the videos, presumably), but if you do then you can attach your Prime account to (Amazon-owned) Twitch. Doing so will give you, IMO, mostly a bunch of crap (usually miscellaneous preorder-type rewards for popular games). However, it also gives you one free Twitch subscription to use every month. It acts just like a normal Twitch sub -- i
  14. I think Gopher nailed the creative difficulty with this aspect of the game: you need the settlement building system to be detailed enough that there's enough depth there to keep people interested, while at the same time ensuring that people who have no interest in creating settlements can skip it entirely - or at least almost so. That's a very difficult balance. Clearly FO4 had the latter one, and almost the former (with many noticeable irritating features nonetheless). I also think that Gopher holding up Helgen Reborn as a system that appealed to both settlement builders and those who could c
  15. There was a great stream last night with Matt Mercer GM'ing a quick campaign using D:OS2, with Bikeman and the Co-Optional crew (Dodger, Strippin, and Jesse Cox). Highly entertaining: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/141398805. Viewing the GM's stream (the one I referenced) was particularly interesting, as you could see all the tools available to him. But I agree, how hard a session is to set up will be the key part. But it was particularly impressive as Mercer was able to create magic items or monsters on the fly, quite quickly.
  16. I'm going to offer an alternative - and, I fear, controversial - viewpoint. I loved FO3, FNV, and Skyrim. Played them to completion. In fact, the only game achievement I ever received that mattered at all to me was the one garnered for visiting every location in FO3. So I played the hell out of those games. Once. That's it. I, personally, had no interest in replaying them. Well, "no interest" is too strong a statement, more along the lines of "there's no way I'm going to sink another hundred+ hours into this game." I think it's fair to say that Gopher, and frankly many on this site are de
  17. To me, this is the biggest limitation "Triple-A" games enforce on themselves. No matter what one thinks of the FO4 dialog system one must admit that it was designed around, and limited by, a console controller. 4 buttons, 4 choices. And I can only imagine how difficult it must be to design a game around multiple platforms, the console versions of which are drastically limited relative to PC, especially with memory and such. Some games manage (i.e., better scale on PC) different platforms versions better than other, but I always wonder what decisions are made, early in the design process, that
  18. Proviso: it's a rumor. As mentioned in the article, "The Source" of said rumor has apparently correctly predicted / leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 and Last of Us 2. So, better than Reddit, perhaps. http://fraghero.com/rumor-fallout-new-vegas-2-details-leaked-reveal-planned/
  19. I was really surprised that Gopher didn't mention his (I believe) least favorite feature of settlements - "Settlement [X] is under attack." And for many, whatever enjoyment that settlement building might have supplied was completely obliterated by the ceaseless, purposeless grind of defending settlements again and again... pretty much irrespective of their defense. Even Gopher - the settlement builder - would frequently skip building some settlements because improving them meant they then had to be defended.
  20. Saw this blurb last month: https://www.cnet.com/news/most-dvr-owners-record-live-sports-too-survey-says/. I often wonder where this will end up, ad-sponsored content that is.
  21. I recently moved, and the cable I had access to (Charter) was giving me grief about reconnecting service. I took this as a sign, and dropped cable altogether (went for AT&T DSL only). I generally watch some PBS shows and the occasional sports event - which I can get with an antenna. YouTube and Twitch make up the vast majority of what I watch now. And if I were to try to watch more "mainstream" shows, I'd use SlingTV or the like. Can't see me ever going back to full-blown cable (and it's enormous price) again.
  22. Well! When they said "really, really soon" yesterday - they meant it. And yes, it is free. It's out on Steam (boo!), but also at the Nexus at http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom2/mods/633/?. It's not clear to me from what I've briefly read what DLCs need to also be installed. No requirements are yet listed. Along with the Let's Try I posted yesterday, Total Biscuit just released a preview on YT. Looks like Quill18 (YT) and ChristopherOdd (YT) have started up Let's Plays of the game (along with many others, I'm sure). Commence the slaughter!
  23. Personally, I would have been happy to spend $10 or $15 for LW2, if I get even half the enjoyment I got from the first one. I gave them a similar amount as a donation to the LW devs in the aftermath of the "Bethesda Paid Mods" debacle. But that's me - making no judgements. (I too miss my uber-tanky Goliath). What (I believe) Jake said about this was particularly interesting - it was 2K Games that paid for the development of this mod / DLC, and not Firaxis. This is really interesting to me. First, it tells me that 2K is doubling-down on XCOM2 - they must feel that the Long War 2 mod will d
  24. "That dog won't hunt" was my favorite from this episode. Living in the South, hear that one a lot.
  25. Jake Solomon & Garth DeAngelis, of Firaxis Games, were the overall development leads of XCOM (Jake) and XCOM 2 (Garth). Today they did a (blind) Let's Try of Long War 2 on the Firaxis channel. There show off major changes to the vanilla game, far beyond the (excellent) mods the Long War team have already released (adding new classes, abilities, and enemies): https://www.twitch.tv/firaxisgames/v/115649271 (Twitch VOD; fast forward to ~8:00 to when stream actually starts). Most of the footage shows off the battle level, but they also show off some of the (new!) strategic level. TL;
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