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  1. I've been out of the loop for a looong time, but this peeked my interest! It's been a long time coming, I'm glad Gopher finally got this set up. I'll personally be waiting for the famous "I don't need a personality, I have a shotgun!". Nice going @Gopher, and everyone that helped set this up! It's great to see this community is still alive and well.
  2. Xelphos, I know how much time and dedication went into your time as a staff member, and I deeply respect that. I also know from the few conversations we've had that things haven't always been easy on you personally, but despite this you did an amazing job at keeping things running. Now, enough with the somewhat corny (yet truthful) sounding formal thank you. Just go enjoy your retirement already mate, and as @Shiroi_gaijin said, go chase those darn kids of yer virtual lawn!
  3. Did the test, got ISFP-A. Most of that I completely agree with, except for a few nuances. I'm more logic than feeling oriented than seems to be depicted by this result, but it's all depending on the circumstance, as I can be downright cold and calculating which does not entirely fit the profile. I'm also more intuitive than the result would have it, but again, this is heavily situational. All in all, for a test taken on the internet it is a fairly accurate result for me personally, I'm impressed!
  4. As long as the plane has enough airspeed to generate lift, it'll fly without engines. The problem with that is keeping that speed high enough without any engine thrust. Therefor, if your engines fail while you're 100 meters above the ground, you won't make it far, since your speed will start dropping and you wont have the ability to dive to get that speed back, resulting in the plane stalling and.. Well, let's say the passengers will soon be able to study dirt samples from up close. If the aircraft is at altitude, however, you can quite comfortably glide for kilometers on end, especially
  5. Well then, looks like you guys didn't exactly rush ahead in my absence! No matter, I will be back to my regular schedule this monday, so I'll be writing again as soon as it's my turn!
  6. I think this'd be better suited to the Skyrim thread in the games section. This is the roleplaying section. I'll move it for ya
  7. They were known for starting fires, so this does not surprise me
  8. Still an important job. If I end up in the air force (still debating), I have no doubt I'd be very grateful if the crew chief kept my plane from flaming out mid-air! Yeah, almost did. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone
  9. You've flown a BUFF? I mean, I'm not much of a bomber guy, but oh my gawd I'm fucking jealous. As for once-in-a-lifetime experiences for myself.. It's a hard pick, really. I think I'm just gonna go with the most recent one, getting myself stabbed in the chest. I hope that stays a once-in-a-lifetime experience at least!
  10. I'm sorry for my absence folks, although you haven't rushed ahead Stuff is kinda.. Well, my life isn't even making a 180, more like a 720. It's confusing as all hell, mentally taxing, and most of all, keeps me away from here for weeks at a time. I'll sneak an entry in every now and then when appropriate, but don't count on essays and top notch writing. As Tidinzeo said, I'm officially on break, and only very rarely glance at the forums.
  11. @JaschLooks fine to me, mate, don't worry about it. I don't actually know how my post reads, I'll have to wait a day or so and read it again myself to know if it's any good, but I don't expect it to be anything great. This character is hard to write, and I have not written a thing in months. Plus, I'm currently officially on a break from everything, but writing is relaxing. Just don't expect me to bring my A game
  12. The crack of a gunshot ripped through the smoldering Nevada air just behind John. Instictively, he ducked, twirled around his axis and with the grace of a jaguar raised the blade in a guard position. It wouldn't be any help against a bullet of course, but his instincts dictated his movements. The proton emitters sang their trusty song, a dull hum in the silence following the violent disturbance in the relative peace of the desert. Memories flashed through his mind at the sound of gunfire. The many old wounds on his chest, once perforated by machinegun fire, burned. The scar tissue on th
  13. Well then, a fellow Swamp German. You won't find me brimming with patriotism to say the least, but it's still a nice thought to know there's likeminded people close to home. Welcome to the forum, sir!
  14. I may need this on a T-shirt. Wh... H.. HWAT?!
  15. I can't blame you, that actually looks really cool. If I had a penny to my name I'd definitely support it. For now I just have to see if I can afford dinner though
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