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  1. Favourite Movie Scenes

    My absolute favourite
  2. Your Desktop

    So here is mine
  3. Grand Theft Auto V

    oh nice, i just joined it
  4. Grand Theft Auto V

    I also got it, you can find me under "Pllixs" (Stupid minimum of 6 chars policy...)
  5. What does your screen name mean?

    I... I... I can't help it, I'm so sorry. I just noticed it: What does you're screen name mean? *your :p
  6. What does your screen name mean?

    Well i was searching for a new name for everything i did online a few years back. But you know how it is, finding a Name is allways difficult. But hey, I'm a programmer so i simply wrote a random name generator and Pllix is what it came up with... well not exactly, but something really close to it. I just liked it, its short and i think it sounds nice
  7. What games are you playing right now?

    Dota 2 Well this is pretty much what takes all my spare time^^ Mass Effect 3 I started another Playthrough from ME: 1 - 3 about while back and I'm getting closer to finish it. Well, there are tons of more games on my Steamaccount, but i simply dont have the time to play more...
  8. I like the Luck 99.... was especially during FTL streams ^^
  9. There is a Steam OS Sale on Steam (yeah, i know! You wouldnt have guessed it!) For expample Payday 2 for 5.59€, or XCOM for 5 € or FTL for 4€.
  10. Skyrim Main Menu Won't Load! Please Help...

    Like Yor said allready, just turn off all mods and then start turning them on one (or a few) at a time and try if it loads. I had this problem myself, and there is nothing you can do apart from trial and error. And i think you did use Loot, so did it show you any Errors?
  11. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

    I honestly dont understand why everyone is complaining about the guard on the lightsaber. I think it is a very good addition. But i also see the weakness of such a guard, something like this would probalby have been better: But i still quite like it, and I'm going to watch it for sure.
  12. Steam has Sacred 2 Gold Edition on Sale, a really awesome game, highly recommended.
  13. fav icon

    I guess he is talking about the website it self, not the forum.
  14. On Thursday, you will be able to download PayDay 1 FOR FREE on steam. Not like on the Free Weekends, if you download it, you will own the game like if you bought it. You might want to check that out Here the official announcement http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/220999919816458756
  15. Well there is a The Witcher playthrough comming up and I gotta say, I'm really excieted about it. I actually started to play it, but i think i only played about 1 or 2 hours, and then abadonned it, I dont actually know why I did it :S But now we get a Gopher Lets Play, so i got that going for me :D