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  1. Thanks everyone! I did send it to Gopher on Twitch... well see if he sees it... ^_^
  2. Slightly darker version: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/5488090/stiv-gro-fur/
  3. Yahh... darker might be better... for the Ebony armor... hmm... the helmet could be darker as well...
  4. Just a skin a threw together while watching the Minecraft stream... I might do more work on it later or do variations if I feel like it... let me know your suggestions! Not sure if it's done enough to send to Gopher... http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/5487064/stiv---ebony-armor/
  5. Voted! And it looks like my fav is winning so far... so yay!
  6. Although I know that Gopher's favorite color is green I would prefer to see something more black & white for the tabbard so it will match with any armor colors... I know that the main reason why I don't wear the tabbard in game is because the green clashes with my black/red look... So white on black or black on white would be my vote! ^_^
  7. Hmm... I don't fully trust this M'aiq the Liar... there's just something about him that I find suspicious... I can't put my finger on it... :P
  8. Weeell... the question is how exactly you want to be introduced... Possibilities would be a traveler we encounter on the way to Leyawiin... A member of the Thieves guild IN Leyawiin like Chibi... the Fence in Leyawiin (though I'm not super sure that would really fit with your back story)... also possibly a traveler/bounty hunter in Leyawiin hired by the Count to investigate a resent mysterious event (which I would tell you more about in PM). These are just a few thoughts I had... let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas...
  9. I'm not sure why I'M getting blamed for this... but it is really amusing... ^_^
  10. I'm pretty sure it's all about number of posts... or you can be given a custom title by Pcat or I guess the other Admins...
  11. Haha... oh yah? Pray tell! I kinda like the idea of House not thinking about the woman/legion problem... I feel like he'd kinda have the attitude of, "Figure it out, it's your problem, not mine." lol... Really it just occurred to me as well.... heh...
  12. Oh thanks! I think it's probably my favorite picture I've done of Twitch... I've also had a fun time trying to figure out how to draw some of the Fallout tech from different angles...
  13. No, no, there's no real max on space... I just want to be able to handle all of the characters... But I think you should fit in just fine. Give me a little bit to figure out the best way to introduce your character, I've sot some ideas bouncing around, and in the mean time please do try and read the thread... I know it's gotten kinda long but we have some very good writers on the forum and you will not regret it, I promise.
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